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Snapshots: the world in 24 hours May 7, 2011

[2011-05-08 15:07]

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours May 7, 2011

Washing mom's feet to celebrate Mother's Day

[2011-05-08 09:52]

Elementary Students wash their mothers' feet in Dexing, East China's Jiangxi province, May 6, 2011, two days before the Mother's Day.

Japan plant delays decision on halting reactors

[2011-05-07 20:05]

A Japanese power company postponed its decision Saturday on a government request that it halt three reactors at a coastal nuclear plant until safety measures can be improved to guard against future earthquakes and tsunamis.

Lakers can still save themselves, but not the NBA

[2011-05-07 19:24]

Contrary to popular belief, the potential fall of the Los Angeles Lakers won't topple NBA headquarters.

Yangtze River, downcast, running dry

[2011-05-07 17:49]

Photo taken on May 6, 2011 shows naked riverbed along the Yangtze River in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province.

125 years of Coca-Cola

[2011-05-07 16:51]

The world's largest soft-drink company will celebrate the 125th birthday of Coca-Cola on May 8.

Successful test of China's 'V750' pilotless helicopter

[2011-05-07 14:04]

Photo taken on May 7, 2011 shows the "V750" pilotless helicopter during a test flight in Weifang of east China's Shandong Province.

World's biggest human smiley

[2011-05-07 09:49]

As many as 768 Croats managed to create the biggest human smiley breaking the Guinness World Record. The previous record involved 551 participants and was reached in the Latvian capital of Riga.

China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan stage joint anti-terror drill

[2011-05-07 09:39]

China, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, all member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Friday conducted a joint anti-terror drill in Kashi of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

iPad 2 frenzy hits China

[2011-05-07 08:58]

From early morning, hundreds of people stood in a line that en-circled Apple's Beijing store to be one of the first to purchase the latest version of the iPad.

Obama to bin Laden assault team: 'Job well done'

[2011-05-07 08:35]

US President Barack Obama embraced the US commandos he sent after terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, saluting them Friday on behalf of America and people all over the world.

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours May 5, 2011

[2011-05-06 16:52]

A selection of photos shot around the world in 24 hours May 5, 2011

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