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Yuan cross-border settlement extended

[2012-03-03 09:22]

The People's Bank of China again expanded the yuan-denominated cross-border trade settlement scheme, in a move that will further promote the use of the RMB in foreign trade.

NY Times journalists digest Mandarin with lunch

[2012-03-03 07:51]

The New York Times' employees based have the opportunity to study Mandarin during lunch.

Einstein exhibition debuts in C China

[2012-03-03 07:09]

An exhibition based on Albert Einstein opened Friday in Wuhan, capital city of central China's Hubei province

Surfer takes to the water in Rio de Janeiro

[2012-03-02 14:55]

A paddle surfer takes to the water near Arpoador beach in Rio de Janeiro March 1, 2012. Rio de Janeiro celebrates its 447th birthday on Thursday.

Penelope: Dust in our Awakened Dreams

[2012-03-02 11:01]

Greek choreographer and performer Athanasia Kanellopoulou takes part in the dress rehearsal of her solo dance theatre performance "Penelope: Dust in our Awakened Dreams".

Riches from Russia with love

[2012-03-02 08:12]

Villagers who made it good across border are urged to invest at home.

Reopened museum 'is a symbol of national pride'

[2012-03-02 08:05]

A ceremony marking the official reopening of the renovated and enlarged National Museum of China was held on Thursday after a year of trial operation.

Newborns' haven sparks debate

[2012-03-02 07:56]

A child welfare institute in Hebei province has provided the mainland's first safe haven for abandoned newborns, an act that sparked heated debate.

A bit hard to ride for officials

[2012-03-02 07:38]

Government officials are trying to set a good example by returning to the kingdom of the bicycle.

Light on the alleys in Sao Paulo

[2012-03-01 15:18]

Six alleys in the favela are painted by Spanish artist group Boa Mistura as part of their "Light on the Alleys" project, which aims to modify rundown communities by using art as a tool for change in their daily lives.

Students, police clash in Barcelona

[2012-03-01 13:44]

Police disperse demonstrators during a protest against spending cuts in public education in Barcelona February 29, 2012.

New subway tunnel in Beijing can fit 2 trains

[2012-03-01 13:08]

Beijing's Subway Line 14 will become China's biggest subway tunnel, with a diameter of 10 meters and a height of three stories. Two trains would fit through the tunnel. 

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