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Commemorative coins for Year of Monkey issued across China

[2016-01-17 09:15]

The Central Bank announced to issue 500 million commemorative Year of the Monkey coins.

Throw a flower ball to find Mr Right

[2016-01-18 09:50]

A foreign young lady in traditional Chinese wedding gowns, accompanied by an elderly Chinese lady, walks along a street in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province on January 17, 2016. Together with two other beauties, the young lady who dressed in phoenix coronets and robes of rank is on her way to attend a traditional Chinese ceremony known as "Find Mr. Right by throwing a flower ball," which is part of an ongoing cultural festival called "Love in Nanjing".

Retired hurdler Liu Xiang shows affection with new love

[2016-01-18 08:03]

A photo posted by Liu Xiang on his Weibo account shows him and his new love Wu Sha, a pole vaulter, pose in the Huangshan mountain scenic area in East China's Anhui province on Sunday, which marks the traditional Laba festival.

Visitors enjoy free Laba porridge at Yonghe Lama Temple

[2016-01-17 14:38]

Visitors enjoy free Laba porridge at Yonghe Lama Temple

For police officers, duty is all in a day's work

[2016-01-15 11:46]

According to the Chongqing Evening News, the Yubeilu police office handled 76,650 cases during the past three years.

Children at Chinese embassy in US send wishes to Dorian

[2016-01-15 05:57]

Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai and more than 20 students from the embassy's Sunshine School gathered on Thursday afternoon outside the Chinese embassy building to show support for eight-year-old canccer-stricken American boy Dorian Murray of Westerly, Rhode Island.

People prepare for Chinese New Year

[2016-01-15 13:38]

As the Chinese Lunar New Year comes closer, people are busy preparing goods for the festival.

Souvenirs and Apps make a refreshing Palace Museum

[2016-01-15 13:47]

Souvenirs and Apps make a refreshing Palace Museum

Monkey portraits by Chinese ink painting masters

[2016-01-14 09:09]

Adopting few colors, mainly black, yellow, and a little red, monkeys painted in a calligraphic way are no less vivid than primates brushed with thick oils.

SWAT members hold romantic wedding in E China

[2016-01-14 10:55]

A group wedding was held for 10 soldiers from a SWAT detachment of the city's public security bureau on Sunday, as they had postponed their weddings for their special work.

Stephane Peterhansel regains Dakar Rally lead

[2016-01-14 09:54]

French driver Stephane Peterhansel regained the overall lead in the Dakar Rally by winning Wednesday's 10th stage in northern Argentina.

Goodbye to steam trains

[2016-01-14 08:15]

Steam trains cross an opencast coal mine at Sandaoling in Hami prefecture, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Jan 13, 2016.

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