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Quadruplets born in E China

[2011-07-21 17:27]

Quadruplets were born in Ganyu county, Lianyungang city, East China's Jiangsu province, July 18, 2011.

22 dead as US heat wave moves east

[2011-07-21 13:29]

A searing heat wave in the central and southern United States has killed at least 22 people this week.

China's deep-diving submersible hits 5km

[2011-07-21 10:37]

China's self-developed manned submersible Jiaolong, which translates to Dragon. has successfully dived 5,000 meters under the sea for the first time at 3 am on July 17 during a trial voyage in the northeast Pacific Ocean, the China News Service reported Thursday.

Transformers win 6m yuan on lottery

[2011-07-21 10:12]

A couple dressed as transformers show up to collect on a winning lottery ticket in Chengdu, the capital city of Southwest China's Sichuan province, July 20, 2011. The lucky ticket scooped around 6.13 million yuan ($947,000).

Circus of China stages spectacle in Sao Paulo

[2011-07-21 06:45]

Acrobats from the Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe (Circus of China) perform during a rehearsal of "Sky Mirage II" in Sao Paulo July 20, 2011. The spectacle will run from July 20 until August 7, 2011.

Cool summer in Seoul

[2011-07-20 17:26]

A girl sits on an ice toilet at the Ice Gallery in Seoul July 20, 2011. South Korea's National Meteorological Administration issued a nationwide scorching heat warning recently, local media reported.[

Ho, ho, ho, Copenhagen!

[2011-07-20 15:01]

People dressed as Santa Claus interact with street performers in Copenhagen city, the capital of Denmark, July 19, 2011. More then 120 people from all over the world gathered in Copenhagen to attend the annual three-day World Santa Claus Congress, which started on July 18, 2011.[

Chinese great Yao Ming retires from basketball

[2011-07-20 14:17]

Yao Ming has made it official, telling a packed news conference in his hometown that a series of injuries have forced him to retire from basketball.

Yao set to announce retirement Wednesday

[2011-07-20 11:04]

Yao Ming should make it official on Wednesday, announcing what is widely expected to be his retirement from the NBA and a sport that made him a household name in China.

Fireworks celebrate Tibet's key anniversary

[2011-07-20 08:17]

Fireworks exploded above the Potala Palace Square in Lhasa to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet on July 19, 2011.

Overloaded truck crushes bridge in Beijing

[2011-07-20 07:51]

A truck overloaded with 100 tons of sand crushes a bridge in Huairou district on Monday. The Baihe Bridge was built in 1987 with a bearing capacity of 55 tons. No one was injured in the accident.

Murdoch defends record, attacked by protester

[2011-07-20 00:56]

Rupert Murdoch, unfazed by a foam pie attack in the British parliament, made a "humble" apology but refused to resign on Tuesday.Murdoch spars with lawmakers Text of Murdoch statement

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