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72-year-old teaches yoga for free in Hangzhou

[2016-01-28 08:16]

It's never too old to practice yoga. An old man teaches yoga for free three times a week in Hangzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province.

Sea ice traps boats as cold wave sweeps across East China

[2016-01-27 08:04]

Sea ice traps boats as cold wave sweeps across East China

10 tourists grab free money in one minute in East China

[2016-01-27 08:17]

10 tourists grab free money in one minute in East China

Warm colors at sunrise cast off the chill in Qingdao

[2016-01-27 09:58]

With the rise in temperatures following extreme cold weather that struck most parts of China in the last two weeks, northern China has regained some warmth.

Artists use many techniques to create New Year monkeys

[2016-01-27 07:00]

As the Chinese lunar new year, the Year of the Monkey is drawing near, Chinese folk artists are racking their brains to create monkey-themed art pieces.

Villagers make sweet potato vermicelli in China's Guangxi

[2016-01-27 09:28]

A villager prepares sweet potato vermicelli in Xinjie township, Guanyang county, Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Jan 26, 2016.

Creation of China Daily's Tibetan-style font

[2016-01-26 11:36]

The making of China Daily's Tibetan-style English font

Drone makers see soaring growth but dark clouds circle industry

[2016-01-26 11:23]

Lack of mass production capability and full-fledged regulation are the problems facing the industry that is to grow 181% to $1.7 billion by 2018.

China's Zhang reaches Australian Open quarterfinals

[2016-01-25 22:10]

Chinese qualifier Zhang Shuai stole the show at the 2016 Australian Open by rising from obscurity to stardom en route to thrilling home fans.

Spring Festival in the eyes of Chinese painters

[2016-01-26 10:44]

Scenes of Spring Festival are always popular themes of Chinese painting. Let's have a look at some Spring Festival paintings by Chinese artists, featuring traditional motifs of the Chinese New Year.

Cold snap brings joy and beauty to south China

[2016-01-26 08:18]

Many in south China shivered over the weekend as a cold snap broke decades-old records and snow fell in some cities for the first time in years.

First trains of Spring Festival travel depart around China

[2016-01-25 08:28]

The total passenger traffic volume at all railway stations is estimated to reach more than 2.91 billion during the 40-day Spring Festival Travel.

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