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Free meals aid Guizhou rural school students

[2012-05-28 08:12]

China Daily was recently invited by Guizhou province to see how its free-lunch program is helping rural students.

Draft protects workers from high temperatures

[2012-05-28 07:43]

Chinese workers will have a shorter workday if the temperature hits 37 C, thanks to a draft regulation.

65th Cannes film festival admires 'Amour'

[2012-05-28 06:46]

The 65th Cannes film festival has handed out its top prize Palme d'Or to "Amour"(Love), as it wrapped up with a star-studded closing ceremony on the rainy Sunday.

Premier Wen makes inspection tour in Hunan

[2012-05-27 17:53]

Wen made an inspection tour to Xiangxi from May 25 to 27, conducting a survey on poverty alleviation and development work in poverty-stricken areas.

150 people reach top of Mt Qomolangma

[2012-05-27 14:12]

A near-record number of climbers reached the summit of Mount Qomolangma from Nepali side as the season ended Saturday.

Grueling suspension

[2012-05-27 10:24]

About 78 people were stranded in the air for more than 16 hours on Saturday and all were rescued safely.

92 killed, 32 of them children in Syria shelling

[2012-05-27 09:16]

More than 92 people were killed in what activists described as an artillery barrage by government forces.  UNICEF outraged

Medvedev succeeds Putin as ruling party leader

[2012-05-27 08:24]

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev succeeded President Vladimir Putin as the ruling party leader.

Tao of agility

[2012-05-27 07:47]

She's more than 90 years old and a living advertisement on human potential, Tao Porchon-Lynch has proven that her extraordinary reputation isn't a stretch. Photographer Keith Bedford records in New York.

Pretty Smart

[2012-05-27 07:47]

There are about 1 billion mobile phones registered in China. In a country where love of gadgetry goes beyond the ordinary, the smartphone can do a lot more than just connecting one voice with another.

China launches telecommunication satellite

[2012-05-27 07:30]

China sent a telecommunication satellite, "ChinaSat 2A," into orbit on Saturday evening, using a Long March-3B carrier rocket launched from Xichang.

Blind date held in Shanghai

[2012-05-26 19:29]

A blind date party is held in Shanghai, May 26, 2012. The event, aimed at providing chances for the unmarried under the age of 45, has attracted about 20,000 single people to participate, Xinhua reported.

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