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Chinese manufacturers woo foreign buyers

[2012-10-15 16:57]

Chinese manufacturers are striving to clinch deals at the country's largest trade fair as they feel the pinch from the economic downturn.

Obama, Romney focus on 2nd debate preparations

[2012-10-15 11:28]

Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney were immersed in intense debate preparations on Sunday for the upcoming second presidential debate.

Cables crisscross new bridge across Yangzte

[2012-10-15 11:26]

One of the world's largest cable bridges completes construction of the giant wires to hold it together in Huanggang, Hubei province on Oct 14, 2012.

Felix Baumgartner makes record-setting skydive

[2012-10-15 10:26]

Baumgartner broke a 52-year-old record by skydiving from 23 miles (37 km).

Weekly Photos: Oct 8 - 14

[2012-10-15 09:38]

Weekly Photos: Oct 8 - 14

Good harvest in North China

[2012-10-15 07:16]

Farmers in Shanxi and Shaanxi province see good harvest.

Endeavour on way to California Science Center

[2012-10-15 06:52]

The Space Shuttle Endeavour is moved to the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California Oct 13, 2012.

Government compensates those hurt

[2012-10-15 02:13]

Compensation has been granted to victims of an accident that occurred during the city's annual firework show on Saturday,said the local government.

Chinese students will study laureate's works

[2012-10-15 02:13]

After winning the Nobel Prize, Mo Yan will soon have the honor of having tens of millions of Chinese high school students exposed to his work in textbooks.

Hostage situation ends in fatal police shooting

[2012-10-15 02:13]

Police in Sichuan shot dead a suspected drug addict on Sunday as he held a woman hostage on an expressway bridge.

China launches two satellites

[2012-10-14 14:30]

China successfully launched two satellites, Practice-9 A/B, into space at 11:25 am Beijing Time Sunday, the launch center said.

Dozens injured in firework accident in Hangzhou

[2012-10-14 11:14]

Many people were injured after an firework accident occurred at the opening ceremony of the West Lake International Expo in Hangzhou Saturday night.

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