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High adventure

[2014-01-11 23:45]

There was no hanging back when this daredevil performed his latest feat

Ancient town in Shangri-la devastated by fire

[2014-01-11 20:39]

More than 240 houses were burned down in a fire that started in the early hours of Saturday at the ancient town of Dukezong in Shangri-la, a resort county in southwest China's Yunnan province.

US to withdraw diplomat at India's request

[2014-01-11 10:19]

The United States said on Friday it would withdraw one of its diplomats from New Delhi at India's request after Washington effectively expelled an Indian envoy at the center of a dispute between the allies.

Magazine picks best US Air Force photos

[2014-01-11 09:48]

Airman magazine chooses the best US Air Force pictures of 2013 - Jan 2014.

New Jersey braces for new disclosures in bridge scandal

[2014-01-11 05:44]

New Jersey legislators released on Friday more than 1,000 pages of documents that may shed light on a bridge scandal.

Fidel Castro makes rare public appearance

[2014-01-10 07:47]

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro made a rare public appearance at the opening of an art studio in the Cuban capital of Havana.

Websites to be liable for sales of bad food, medicine

[2014-01-10 01:36]

Internet companies will be blamed and punished if they know food and medicine sold on their websites have problems or receive consumer complaints, a new judicial interpretation said.

Migrants feel pain of separation

[2014-01-10 01:19]

Long-term separation from family members has become a top reason for migrant workers to consider quitting their jobs, a survey shows.

UK police pick through US helicopter crash site

[2014-01-09 08:36]

British police scoured for evidence on Wednesday in a remote marshland area strewn with wreckage and bullets after a U.S. Air Force helicopter crashed in eastern England, killing four airmen.

Riding the waves down under

[2014-01-09 08:22]

A surfer in western Australia is captured by California photographer Michael Riley, Jan 8, 2014.

Largest sushi mosaic created in HK

[2014-01-09 04:42]

A total of 20,647 sushi pieces were used for a 37-square-metre space to break the record on Wednesday, which was verified and announced by the Guinness World Records at the end of the event.

Overseas cemeteries for Chinese dead

[2014-01-09 00:53]

Democratic People's Republic of Korea: During the Korean War (1950-53), 183,108 Chinese volunteers sacrificed their lives, according to records from a Chinese memorial hall.

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