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Bars kick into high gear for soccer gala

[2012-06-09 04:24]

A sultry Friday night seems a perfect time for soccer fans to relax in a bar and watch the European Championship.

Chinese replica Austrian village stirs up controversy

[2012-06-08 19:44]

A Chinese copy of a scenic town in Austria has shown great potential for business opportunities despite controversy over the project's alleged plagiarism.

Egrets thrive in E China

[2012-06-08 11:25]

Egrets build nests in Mantou Mountain, Changxing county of East China's Zhejiang province, June 7, 2012.

Macy's parades into China

[2012-06-08 08:15]

China's e-commerce market is proving irresistible to Western retailers, including the giant Macy's Inc.

SCO will be 'fortress of security and stability'

[2012-06-08 02:02]

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization aimed to become a "fortress of regional security and stability and a driving force of regional economic development".

48-hour special coverage of national exam

[2012-06-07 12:36]

China Daily online will provide 48-hours of special coverage from June 7 to 8 including all the news and events surrounding the National College Entrance Exam or Gaokao.

Chinese book publishers exploring US market

[2012-06-07 11:06]

Eleven publishing and printing companies from China presented a wide array of books at the annual BookExpo America in New York this week.

US space shuttle Enterprise makes final landing

[2012-06-07 08:05]

US space shuttle Enterprise made its final landing Wednesday at New York City's Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

Tough training forges 'iron army'

[2012-06-07 07:25]

Colonel Wei Deming knows how to steel the confidence of his military superiors when he gets a tough mission.

Members of SCO outline group's strategy

[2012-06-07 02:26]

Trade and energy security were taken as key areas of cooperation and new funding models were explored.

No skin off my nose for 100,000 yuan

[2012-06-06 16:19]

Can you bite your own nose? Go on, give it a go. What about an ear? Street performer Tang Shuquan is offering 100,000 yuan ($15,800) to anyone who can beat his Guinness World Record badge for making the most twisted face.

Test takers get festive send-off in E China

[2012-06-06 15:53]

More than 5,000 students gathered at Maotanchang High School, East China's Anhui province on June 5, 2012, and headed for Lu'an city to take the national college entrance exam, or gaokao.

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