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Mass exodus from Kathmandu

[2015-04-30 10:26]

A 7.8 magnitude quake rocked the impoverished nation on Saturday, toppling thousands of buildings in the densely-populated Kathmandu Valley, where the capital is located.

Running on water: a nearly impossible feat

[2015-04-30 12:22]

A "Running on water" competition is held at Shiyan Lake in Changsha city, central China's Hunan province on April 28, 2015.

Ten photos you don't wanna miss - April 30

[2015-04-30 07:20]

Ten photos you don't wanna miss - April 30

'Comfort women' survivor attends protest of Japan PM

[2015-04-30 03:03]

Congressman Michael Honda (left) and Congressman Steve Israel (right) hold the hands of Yong-soo Lee, a 86-years-old Korean woman who is a survior of the "comfort women" in a rally in Washington to protest againts Abe's address to the Congress

Ten photos you don't wanna miss – April 29

[2015-04-29 08:16]

Ten photos you don't wanna miss – April 29

China's rescue team searches for survivors in Nepal

[2015-04-29 14:05]

China's Blue Sky rescue team looks for survivors at a supermarket that collapsed in Kathmandu, Nepal, April 29, 2015.

Police descend on Baltimore to enforce curfew after riots

[2015-04-29 10:41]

More than 3,000 police officers took up posts in front of businesses and hospitals in Baltimore a day after the worst rioting in the US in years.

Top 10 Chinese cities with innovative flair

[2015-04-29 07:28]

By analyzing patents issued in the 30 years, 10 cities have been named the most innovative in China .

Tourists swarm Mount Taishan even before holiday

[2015-04-29 09:37]

Tourists dressed in warm clothes wait for sunrise on the summit of Mount Taishan in Tai'an city, East China's Shandong province, early in the morning on April 26, 2015. The three-day Labor Day holiday will begin on May 1 during which many Chinese are expected to visit famous sites with their families.

Man pulled alive from rubble 82 hours after quake

[2015-04-29 10:40]

Nepalese and French rescue teams take out from a damaged building Nepalese Rishi Khanal, 28, an injured survivor 82 hours after the earthquake.

Baltimore erupts in riots after funeral of man who died in police custody

[2015-04-28 23:59]

Baltimore erupted in violence on Monday as hundreds of rioters looted stores, burned buildings and at least 15 police officers were injured following the funeral of a 25-year-old black man who died after suffering a spinal injury in police custody.

Kathmandu's quake survivors struggle for food, water, tents

[2015-04-28 14:33]

People line up for food in Kathmandu, Nepal. Many are living in open space after the earthquake.

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