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Back again, mass migration tests China's rails

[2011-02-20 10:47]

A new wave of post-holiday travel rush came to China's railway system.

Here comes the Kremlin skiing buddies

[2011-02-20 10:17]

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin inspect Olympic preparations.

Chinese mummy on display in Philadelphia

[2011-02-20 10:03]

A 3800-year-old mummy is on show during an exhibition featuring archeological findings in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region at the museum of Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia.

US warship Blue Ridge pulls into Hong Kong

[2011-02-19 21:02]

The USS Blue Ridge, flagship for the Commander of the US Navy's 7th Fleet, Saturday started its port visit in Hong Kong which will last around five days.

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 18

[2011-02-19 15:37]

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 18

Taikonaut simulates landing on Red Planet

[2011-02-19 09:31]

After 267 days in a locked, windowless steel capsule, Wang Yue, the only Chinese crewmember of the Mars 500 mission, performed his first simulated landing on the Red Planet on Friday.

Top fugitive returned after 12 years

[2011-02-19 08:25]

Zeng Hanlin, one of the country's most wanted fugitives, has been repatriated by Canada to China, the Ministry of Public Security said on Friday.

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 17

[2011-02-18 16:53]

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 17, 2011.

The New York Fashion Week

[2011-02-18 16:35]

Models line up before a show during New York Fashion Week.

Oil spill after cargo ship tilts in Dalian

[2011-02-18 08:08]

A Sierra Leone cargo ship tilts near Dalian Port in Dalian city, Northeast China’s Liaoning province, Feb 17, 2011.

Ministries to crack down on land abuse

[2011-02-18 07:14]

China's land watchdog will begin an inspection campaign at the end of this month to stop the illegal use of rural land, trying especially to stamp out the expropriation of such land from farmers and the forced demolition of buildings.

Lantern Festival celebration across China

[2011-02-18 06:47]

The Lantern Festival is celebrated across China.

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