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PLA plane lands at Yongshu Jiao reef to help patients

[2016-04-18 09:59]

A PLA Navy flight that was patrolling the South China Sea suspended its task to help transport three severely ill patients.

Top 10 Chinese brands that grow the fastest

[2016-04-15 06:54]

These two agencies noted that it is getting more difficult for a brand to break into the top 20 fastest-growing group.

Best Chinese paintings that reveal the beauty of spring

[2016-04-15 07:00]

Spring is a season when everything wakes up from the long and dull winter. The air becomes warmer, the grass greener, the flowers bloom, and everything is so fresh and flourishing.

Millions visit charming forested area in East China

[2016-04-15 11:37]

Walking up to Wanli: a charming forested district

PLA navy soldiers on patrol on Xisha Islands

[2016-04-15 09:54]

PLA navy soldiers patrol China's Xisha islands under the blue sky, April 14, 2016. The troops stationed on the islands conduct patrols every day to safeguard China's sovereignty.

8 good books from London Book Fair you can't miss

[2016-04-14 11:23]

The 2016 London Book Fair was held at Olympia Exhibition Centre in London from April 12 to 14. More than 110 countries displayed their best books at event. We chose eight of them and let's take a look.

Kobe Bryant's accomplishments by the numbers

[2016-04-14 11:53]

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has accomplished a great deal in his 20-year-career and there is no denying that Kobe has made a significant impact in NBA history.

Top 10 Chinese cities with biggest surge in home prices

[2016-04-14 06:52]

Real estate market has rebounded in March after being in a slump for a year. The number of cities with average home price above 10,000 yuan rose to 26 from 20.

Beijing Hutongs revived in watercolors

[2016-04-13 15:17]

The hutong is the most emblematic architectural style of the capital's traditional residences, as it embodies a rich historical, as well as a cultural legacy that is so essential in defining Beijing's identity.[

China's couple lose same-sex marriage case

[2016-04-14 08:24]

Two gay men who lost a court case on Wednesday in which they had battled for the right to marry have vowed to carry on the fight.

Thank you Kobe, say Chinese fans in countdown to retirement

[2016-04-13 19:55]

Chinese fans are swarming social media pouring their love and support for Kobe Bryant hours before the NBA icon's official retirement.

3D printers from China at New York show

[2016-04-13 11:11]

Monday was busy as usual in Jacob K. Javits Convention Center here, but a somewhat different kind of noise echoed unremittingly in its North Hall. The 2016 3D Print Design Show officially opened on Monday in Javits Center.

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