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Powerful quake in Myanmar kills more than 70

[2011-03-26 09:17]

A powerful earthquake that toppled homes in northeastern Myanmar has killed more than 70 people.

High radiation on Japanese visitors

[2011-03-26 08:19]

Two Japanese travelers had "alarmingly high levels of radiation" when they arrived in East China's Wuxi city, China's quality watchdog reported on Friday.

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours, March 24

[2011-03-25 16:13]

the world in 24 hours, March 24

Brushing up on some new moves

[2011-03-25 14:59]

Bai Desheng, 60, performs martial arts as he practices calligraphy on the ground with a huge brush soaked in water, in Kaifeng city, Central China’s Henan province. Bai combines martial arts moves and handwriting as a new style of performance.

A bridge filled with prayers

[2011-03-25 14:44]

A total of 100,000 locals and people from other regions of Sichuan take part in the ritual, named Caiqiao - or bridge stepping - which has lasted for more than 200 years. People also beat drums and watch a traditional dragon dance during the blessing.

Spring is in the air

[2011-03-25 11:15]

Cherry blossoms bloom in Ali Mountain in Taiwan on March 24, 2011.

M-7.0 quake hits Myanmar, killing over 25

[2011-03-25 10:35]

Over 25 people were killed in a magnitude-7 earthquake in northeastern Myanmar, with more damage reported on Friday.

Blood donations pour in for crash victims

[2011-03-25 10:25]

Three people were killed and 85 others injured after a train slammed into a bus Thursday morning in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. More than 100 people had donated blood as of 5 pm Thursday to make up for the lack of blood supply at local hospitals.

128-year-old church to be moved

[2011-03-24 19:06]

St. Jakob's Church is being prepared for a move in Wuhu city, East China’s Anhui province, on March 24, 2011. The 128-year-old church will be moved 10 meters east for urban construction projects.

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours, March 23

[2011-03-24 16:53]

Collection of pictures shot on Mar 23 selected by editors of around the world.

Herbal soup for quake survivors

[2011-03-24 16:00]

People line up for medicinal soup in quake-stricken Yingjiang county, Southwest China’s Yunnan province, March 23, 2011.

National treasures get fresh dusting

[2011-03-24 11:03]

Monks put an arhat statue back in its place in the main hall after dusting.

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