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Beijingers see blue sky again after smoggy days

[2014-10-26 14:55]

Thanks to overnight wind which dispersed the week-long smog, Beijingers finally see crystal blue and sunny sky on this Sunday.

9th Rome Film Festival kicks off

[2014-10-26 09:26]

The 9th Rome Film Festival kicks off in Rome, Italy, Oct 25, 2014.

Highlights of China Fashion Week

[2014-10-26 07:39]

Models present creations by Chinese designer Zhang Zhifeng from 2014 NE TIGER Haute Couture Collection at China Fashion Week in Beijing, October 25, 2014.

Remembrance of Flying Tigers & WWII Veterans

[2014-10-25 23:28]

Florence Fang, chairwoman of the Florence Fang Family Foundation and curator of WWII Pacific War Memorial Hall in California, is appointed by James T. Whitehead Jr, chairman of Flying Tiger Historical Organization, as the honorary chairman of the Flying Tiger Historical Organization at the reception Honoring Flying Tigers & WWII Veterans at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco on Friday night. Lian Zi / China Daily

Lang Lang plays at the UN Day concert

[2014-10-25 23:18]

Chinese pianist Lang Lang played at the UN Day concert for the celebration of the 69th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations on Friday evening at the UN Headquarters in New York. Liming Guan / For China Daily

Politicians don't let minor injuries stop them

[2014-10-25 15:30]

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, wearing a soft cast as a result of an injury sustained during a soccer match with UN Ambassadors, appears at UN Headquarters in New York City, May 14, 2012.

Concert with Chinese pianist helps UN celebrate anniversary

[2014-10-25 05:57]

The United Nations celebrated the 69th anniversary of its founding on Friday in New York with the 2014 United Nations Day Concert, featuring renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang, Grammy Award-winning musician Sting and an international youth orchestra.

Accord reached on key bank

[2014-10-25 03:49]

Absence of some major economies in setting up the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank underscores the difficulty China faces as an emerging power in making global governance initiatives.

iPhone loses subsidies in China

[2014-10-24 16:44]

Chinese telecom operators are reportedly cutting subsidies to Apple's iPhone smartphones, reducing the US company's dependence on the carriers.

Shanghai travels to Texas

[2014-10-24 15:38]

For Houstonians who have never been to Shanghai, Shanghai has come to them.

In California: Cash, Cash, Cash

[2014-10-24 12:00]

Communities in California have become the nation's hot spots for Chinese seeking houses. Many pay all-cash and above the asking price, causing prices to soar and closing the door for other buyers, Amy He reports from New York.

Top 10 highs and lows for Nokia in China

[2014-10-24 09:57]

Nokia entered China in 1985, one year after China's open up in 1984, and set up its representative office in Beijing. Here are 10 highs and lows for Nokia in the 29 years in China.

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