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Rescue team lands in Manila

[2013-11-21 01:33]

China's first group of disaster relief team arrived in Philippines on Wednesday. The 17 team members are due to be followed by the medical ship Peace Ark.

Vice-Premier praises win-win ties

[2013-11-20 12:07]

Visiting Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong assured Americans that the comprehensive reform mapped out by the just-concluded Third Plenum will create a win-win situation for China and the US.
VP touts key role that local contacts can play Cultural exchange focuses on people
Chinese in US schools: an idea 140 years old

Syria's chemical weapons may be destroyed at sea

[2013-11-20 12:05]

Syria's chemical weapons could be processed and destroyed out at sea, say sources familiar with discussions at the international body in charge of eliminating the toxic arsenal.

Death toll from typhoon Haiyan in Philippines tops 4,000

[2013-11-20 10:46]

Death toll from typhoon Haiyan, locally named Yolanda, breached the 4,000 level, the Philippine disaster agency said Wednesday.

China is ready to send med team to Philippines

[2013-11-20 03:59]

The first batch of China's emergency medical assistance team to the Philippines will set off on Wednesday for disaster relief, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman.

150 years later, Lincoln's speech long remembered

[2013-11-20 02:20]

In solemnity, thousands gathered on a central Pennsylvania battlefield park Tuesday to honor a speech given 150 years ago that President Abraham Lincoln predicted would not be long remembered.

Girl's killer gives new evidence

[2013-11-20 01:25]

A man who was sentenced to death for killing a 2-year-old girl appeared in court in Beijing on Tuesday to present fresh evidence in support of his claim that he did not mean to harm the child.

Tourism year proves a big hit

[2013-11-20 01:03]

Tours between China and Russia have become popular since their 'tourism year' in 2012, travel agencies said on Friday.

Harbin hit by heaviest snowfall since records began

[2013-11-20 00:48]

The snowstorm in Harbin, the worst since 1961, claimed the lives of at least four people and caused injuries to another seven in neighboring Jilin province.

Rural migrants set to benefit from country's urbanization reform

[2013-11-20 00:48]

Population urbanization, which will offer rural migrants the same public services that city residents enjoy, is the goal of the country's rural reform, a senior agricultural official said.

Investing in rural teachers paying off

[2013-11-20 00:37]

When Tian Jigang, a math teacher, was transferred to work at the Mawangxi Primary School in Luxi county, Hunan province, in 2008, the meager salary and shabby dormitory the school offered made it hard for him to settle in the poor village.

US envoy to Japan Caroline Kennedy meets emperor

[2013-11-19 16:02]

Newly arrived US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy presented her credentials to Japan's emperor on Tuesday, traveling by horse-drawn carriage into the Imperial Palace in downtown Tokyo.

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