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Rajan the swimming elephant ready to retire

[2011-05-24 10:54]

Rajan, 61, the world's last and only ocean swimming elephant spends time foraging in the jungle and swimming in the sea with his 59-year-old mahout (elephant handler), Nazrool, on Havelock Island, which is part of the Andaman and Nicobar Island chain, India, May 21, 2011.

Monster tornado hits US

[2011-05-24 09:31]

At least 116 people have died in a monster tornado that left a path of destruction nearly a mile (1 km) wide through the heart of Joplin, Missouri, and directly hit the small Midwestern city's main hospital, local officials said on Monday.[

Volcano ash halts air traffic, could reach Denmark

[2011-05-24 07:20]

Air traffic between Greenland and Denmark has been temporarily halted after ash spewing from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano reached the airspace over eastern Greenland, civil aviation authorities here said Monday.

Death toll from Missouri tornado climbs to 116

[2011-05-24 06:54]

The US suffered the deadliest single tornado in 60 years and the 2nd major tornado disaster in a month.

A marriage made in the Han Dynasty

[2011-05-23 14:10]

A couple choose to marry following the ritual of China’s Han Dynasty in Lanzhou, capital of China's Northwest Gansu province on May 22,2011.

Drought strands 1,300 boats on Grand Canal

[2011-05-23 09:58]

Ships stranded due to low water levels are seen near the Zaozhuang section in east China's Shandong province, along the famous Beijing – Hangzhou Grand Canal on May 22, 2011.

Weekly Photos: May 16 - 22

[2011-05-23 09:54]

Fashion show on campus, dog IDs, drought near Yangtze River branch area, walking on stilts, funeral expo, tiger cubs' dog mother.

Dig site gives glimpse into ancient daily life

[2011-05-23 08:03]

An accidental find on a routine dig on the outskirts of the capital led to rare discoveries, Qin Zhongwei discovers.

Policy coming for riders of high-speed trains

[2011-05-23 07:43]

Passengers who want to ride high-speed trains on June 1 or after will find themselves having to pay attention to a new ticketing system adopted by railway authorities.

Bigger Icelandic eruption, but less airline angst

[2011-05-23 06:54]

An Icelandic volcano flung ash, smoke and steam miles (kilometers) into the air Sunday and dropped a thick layer of gray soot in an eruption far more forceful.

US aircraft carrier arrives in HK on 4-day visit

[2011-05-22 15:29]

The American aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson, sailed into Hong Kong sea waters Sunday morning on a 4-day visit after winning the approval from the Chinese central government.

16 killed in landslides at Malaysian orphanage

[2011-05-22 13:15]

Two landslides that hit a Malaysian orphanage killed 15 boys and one adult but nine other people survived, police said Sunday.

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