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Portuguese language training helps Chinese in Brazil

[2014-06-07 00:54]

About 20 to 30 students, most of them leaders of major Chinese companies in Brazil, participate in a Portuguese language class arranged by the Chinese Consulate General in Sao Paulo. First in-troduced in early May, so far four language classes have been held.

Asian youths get a day of science, math, innovation

[2014-06-06 22:50]

Asian Americans should develop a life-long interest in science and innovation at an early age, and those in Silicon Valley are expected to take the lead, said industry insiders and career consultants.

US, China can share on climate: panel

[2014-06-06 22:42]

The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance, the California Energy Commission, and the California Environmental Protection Agency joined a roundtable discussion on a unique partnership between California and China that addresses climate change, air quality and the role of clean energy and energy efficiency in reducing greenhouse gases and harmful air pollutants.

The Silk Road rediscovered

[2014-06-06 11:50]

China welcomed 2.08 million travelers from the US in 2013, the fourth-largest international group behind South Koreans, Japanese and Russians, according to China National Tourist Administration (CNTA) data.

Chinese firms seek partners in Virginia

[2014-06-06 11:50]

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who has been a successful businessman himself, knows well how to promote his state to a group of some 100 Chinese entrepreneurs from small and medium companies coming to the United States to seek business opportunities.

Company signs UN business principles

[2014-06-06 10:02]

Guangxi Penshibao Co, which manufactures and sells a fertilizer it invented in 1985 that is less harmful to the environment, has become the first China-based company to sign on as a participant in the UN Global Compact, an agreement to practice sound agricultural practices that lead to economic contributions and social success.

Georgia helps Shandong climb up the value chain

[2014-06-05 11:07]

China's Shandong province, a wealthy coastal region with nearly 100 million people, contributes an outsized proportion to the nation's economy, but there's still room to move up the value chain with the help of US investors, Gov. Guo Shuqing said at an investment forum in Atlanta.

Caribbean overlooked for investing, tourism: panel

[2014-06-05 09:31]

The Caribbean is being overlooked in investment and tourism because of a lack of knowledge of the region, panelists said at a symposium on promoting bilateral investment in the area.

Graduate wins ticket to go to China's American Idol

[2014-06-05 08:43]

23 year-old UC Berkeley graduate Tiffany Cheng won the ticket to go to Voice of China in China as representative of American candidates.

Low carbon never means low fun

[2014-06-05 08:34]

World Environment Day, which falls annually on June 5, is marked as growing numbers of environmental problems crop up. To cope with a deteriorating environment, many people now choose to live a low carbon lifestyle and using low carbon transportation is becoming trendy.

Chinese-American kids win roles in Oliver!

[2014-06-05 08:14]

The National Asian Artists Project (NAAP) has partnered with New York City Chinatown's Yung Wing (P.S. 124) Elementary school to help cast a production of the Broadway musical Oliver! on June 5-7.

Teaching Chinese children self-esteem through dance

[2014-06-05 06:52]

Liu Haidian, a 7-year-old from Anhui province, lives in a low-income area in the Minhang District, home to many of Shanghai's manufacturing plants. Her father works long days selling vegetables at an open market in Minhang, and Liu learned early on to help him on bartering with customers and counting change.

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