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Diaoyu Islands cannot be bought

[2012-09-14 07:24]

Editor's note: On Tuesday, the People's Daily ran an article explaining the historical background of the Diaoyu Islands. A translation of the article is printed below:

Workers killed as elevator plummets 34 floors to ground

[2012-09-14 02:22]

Nineteen workers at a construction site in Wuhan, Hubei province, died on Thursday after the elevator they were using fell 100 meters to the ground.

Mothers offer gift of hope

[2012-09-14 02:05]

Two young mothers will undergo surgery in China's first paired liver donation.

Islands 'purchase will hurt economic ties'

[2012-09-14 01:32]

The Japanese government's so-called purchase of the Diaoyu Islands will "inevitably have a negative impact on China-Japan economic and trade ties".
Diaoyu Islands cannot be bought Chinese federations voice indignation Special coverage

Sun Yang frenzy sparks chaos in Tianjin

[2012-09-13 15:41]

China's double Olympic gold medalist Sun Yang is so popular that organizers have been forced to enforce tough media restrictions when he appeared.

CPC official leads change in Tibet village

[2012-09-13 15:20]

In May 2005, CPC member Nyima Tsering passed the government examinations to become the deputy chief of Jicang village in Tongren county, Huangnan Tibet autonomous prefecture, Qinghai province.

China's J-10 jets practice night flight

[2012-09-13 12:01]

China's fighter jet J-10 takes off from a military airport during night combat training in Southwest China's Yunnan province on Sept 10, 2012

Japan official criticizes Diaoyu 'nationalization'

[2012-09-13 08:09]

A former speaker of Japan's lower house said that the Japanese government's "nationalization" of the Diaoyu Islands has gone too far, as tensions between China and Japan continue to simmer.

Apple's iPhone 5 bigger, faster but lacks 'wow'

[2012-09-13 07:24]

Apple Inc's new iPhone goes on sale on Friday with a bigger screen and 4G technology, as the company seeks to maintain its edge over rivals.

Sun Yang, superstar

[2012-09-13 03:13]

Star Chinese swimmer Sun Yang has a good idea of what it's like to be iconic hurdler Liu Xiang now - minus the injuries, of course.

Collapse of pavilion prompts concerns

[2012-09-13 02:28]

A replica of an ancient pavilion in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, collapsed during a storm on Wednesday, the second such incident in several weeks.

Focus turns to Arab markets

[2012-09-13 02:13]

China should enhance cooperation with emerging Arab markets in investment, trade and energy to fend off the global financial crisis.

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