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Exercise to protect China

[2012-10-20 00:22]

China on Friday held a large-scale drill simulating the PLA protecting Chinese administration ships disturbed by foreign ships in the East China Sea.
Dispute hurts investment, trade with Japan
Row takes toll on cultural and travel sectors

Maritime surveillance patrols over E China Sea

[2012-10-19 11:25]

Workers with the China Maritime Surveillance East China Sea aviation fleet prepare for take-off at Zhoushan base in the eastern province of Zhejiang on Oct 17, 2012. The fleet has been regularly patrolling the islands in the East China Sea since 2010, when China's law on island protection went into effect.

Slide: Shanghai Fashion Week

[2012-10-19 08:45]

Models present creations at Shanghai Fashion Week on Oct 18, 2012.

Making the experience count

[2012-10-19 08:36]

Chinese property companies start taking big steps in global realty markets.

Online gun-selling network busted in China

[2012-10-19 08:33]

Chinese police have busted a serious online gun and ammunition-selling network, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on Thursday.

Feline follies herald future features

[2012-10-19 07:50]

Although musicals have been performed in China for many years, they remain an exotic cultural pursuit for many local people.

Naked truth challenges values

[2012-10-19 07:29]

Feeling lonely at home, Wang began work in April as a model at universities. His new job requires him to hold a pose, naked, for 45 minutes in front of students.

Making a mark

[2012-10-19 07:02]

A group of 920 people write Ju, chrysanthemum, during a Chinese calligraphy course at a university in stadium in Kaifeng, Henan province, on Oct 18, 2012.

Mo and his hometown mull over financial windfall from prize

[2012-10-19 01:34]

Mo Yan will dwarf his peers when it comes to royalty income this year, according to the findings of new "rich list" of Chinese writers.

World championships in human flight

[2012-10-18 11:08]

The extreme sports event attracted the world's top 15 wingsuit fliers from nine countries including the US, Britain, France, Italy and Norway. Only eight contestants advanced to the next day's final.

Man arrested for plot to bomb Fed building in NY

[2012-10-18 10:20]

A Bangladesh man was arrested Wednesday in a sting operation by US federal authorities for alleged plot to bomb the Federal Reserve bank in Lower Manhattan, New York City, media reports said.

Scenery of Dajiuhu Wetland Park in Shennongjia

[2012-10-18 10:10]

Photo taken on Oct 17, 2012 shows a view of the Dajiuhu National Wetland Park in Shennongjia in Central China's Hubei province.

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