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Foreign pavilions at Shanghai Expo demolished

[2011-10-20 15:20]

All foreign pavilions in Zone B of the expo site have been demolished, paving the way for construction of headquarters for centrally-administrated stated-owned enterprises.

The Porsche driving street vendor

[2011-10-20 13:36]

Shoppers buy sneakers sold from the back of a Porsche sport car in Hangzhou city, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, Oct 19, 2011.

Governors keen to build trade ties

[2011-10-20 09:16]

US governors called for increased economic cooperation between China and the United States at the China-US Governors Forum on Wednesday.

Reporting from the grassroots in vogue

[2011-10-20 08:20]

Journalists travel off the beaten track to give news a different perspective.

Wildlife smuggling becoming rarer but not extinct

[2011-10-20 07:30]

Criminals southwest China's Yunnan still hunt and traffic many black bears and various rare turtles, snakes, monkeys and bird species.

Panda cubs sunbathe in SW China

[2011-10-19 16:59]

Panda cubs bask in the sun at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, Oct 18, 2011.

Chinese wizard fasts in hope of making history

[2011-10-19 14:54]

The 45 day fast planned by the 38-year-old Yang Gongyusheng is set to break the record created by US magician David Blain (44 days) in 2003.

Released Palestinians arrive in Turkey

[2011-10-19 14:10]

Eleven Palestinians made V-for-victory signs as they arrived in Turkey early on Wednesday as part of the thousand-for-one prisoner exchange, television pictures showed.

Handicapped artist to create font

[2011-10-19 11:20]

Forty-nine-year-old street beggar Cui Xianren, who draws beautiful Chinese characters with chalk held in his handicapped hands, recently signed a contract with Beijing Founder Electronics Co Ltd to develop a Chinese character font.

Thailand floods kill 315 people

[2011-10-19 10:19]

A woman sells rubber boots in a flooded street in Rangsit near Bangkok Oct 18, 2011.

Parents see green scarves as humiliation to pupils

[2011-10-19 08:06]

Li Yantao, 7, a pupil in the first experimental primary school of Weiyang district, Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, was perplexed when he was told he had to wear a green scarf.

China's largest lake expands its charm

[2011-10-18 22:17]

Thanks to an increasing precipitation and ecological protection measures, Qinghai Lake has been expanding for seven consecutive years to an area of 4,353.72 square meters, the largest coverage in 11 years.

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