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Yao Ming unveils 2019 Basketball World Cup emblem

[2017-03-22 11:51]

Yao Ming unveils 2019 Basketball World Cup emblem

Inheritor creates colorful world with cotton wool drawing

[2017-03-22 11:20]

At six years old, Zhang Baolan started learning the art of cotton wool drawing from her grandma and mother, who were enthusiastic about paper cuttings and fabric art.

World Water Day: People struggling with water shortages

[2017-03-22 13:24]

About 650 million people, or one in 10 of the world's population, have no access to safe water, putting them at risk of infectious diseases and premature death.

Cutting-edge digital technologies on display at CeBIT 2017

[2017-03-21 14:24]

CeBIT, the world's largest annual computer and software fair, kicked off in Hannover, Germany, on Monday.

Dolphinfishes photographed in expedition to S China Sea

[2017-03-21 06:50]

Dolphinfishes, also known as Mahi-mahi, are photographed aboard the US drilling ship JOIDES Resolution during an expedition to the South China Sea, March 19, 2017.

Top 10 billionaires with largest influence on social media

[2017-03-21 06:34]

Wealth does not necessarily translate into influence. This can be seen from two sub-lists of the Hurun Global Rich List 2017 released on March 7.

The world in photos: Mar 13 - Mar 19

[2017-03-20 10:04]

Here, we present some of the most striking images from major stories around the world this past week.

Behind the scenes with two sessions journalists

[2017-03-20 09:35]

Behind the scenes with two sessions journalists

Beijing in bloom: A sea of flowers in spring

[2017-03-20 08:16]

Tourists went to major scenic spots around the capital city to see a sea of flowers. Let's follow them to catch a bit of the spring season.

73-year-old yoga grandpa a trendsetter in Hangzhou

[2017-03-20 08:15]

It's never too old to practice yoga. A 73-year-old from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, has been offering free classes in local residential communities for two years, attracting many enthusiasts.

Youyang terraces in Chongqing capture beauty of nature

[2017-03-17 14:14]

Terraces stretching for 5 square kilometers in Youyang Tujia and Miao autonomous county of Chongqing municipality capture the beauty of nature. Youyang terrace is often regarded as the "pearl of the mountain, paradise on earth and a picturesque heaven".

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