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Election protests continue in Bay Area

[2016-12-14 06:08]

More than a month after the US presidential election, protests against President-elect Donald Trump persist in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Trump received less than 10 percent of the vote.

Staring at the space - best NASA photos of the year

[2016-12-14 08:23]

These stunning images show a year in the life of America's space agency NASA. The photos ranging from far flung corners of the universe to Earth-bound sights reveal rocket launches to material from a star being devoured by a supermassive black hole.

Thousands pay tribute to victims of Nanjing Massacre

[2016-12-14 08:12]

A ceremony to honor the victims of the Nanjing Massacre is held at the memorial hall in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on Dec 13, 2016.

Stunning supermoon lights up the sky in China

[2016-12-14 11:02]

Skywatchers across China were treated to a visual feast as a supermoon lit up the sky on Tuesday night. A supermoon occurs when the moon reaches a closer point than usual in its orbit around earth.

Cristiano Ronaldo wins fourth Ballon d'Or

[2016-12-13 06:55]

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named winner of the Ballon d'Or by France Football magazine for a fourth time on Monday.

China's giant pandas: Internet sweetheart of 2016

[2016-12-13 08:46]

China's giant pandas: Internet sweetheart of 2016

Survivors: Witnesses of Nanjing Massacre

[2016-12-13 06:52]

Japanese troops occupied eastern China's Nanjing on Dec 13, 1937, and began a six-week massacre.

World's biggest natural disasters in 2016

[2016-12-13 09:50]

As the year 2016 comes to an end, Reuters has released its selection of "Pictures of the Year". Let's take a closer look.

The world in photos: Dec 5 - 11

[2016-12-12 09:36]

Here, we present some of the most striking images from major stories around the world in the past week.

Shanghai Disneyland celebrates its first Christmas season

[2016-12-12 13:16]

Shanghai Disneyland's first Christmas season began Friday, with Mickey Mouse and his friends changing into specially designed Christmas costumes.

Hair, eyelashes turn white as temperature falls to minus 30

[2016-12-12 07:21]

The Northeastern Chinese city is drawing tourists from both home and abroad to experience the extreme cold.

Associated Press's best news photos of 2016

[2016-12-09 07:02]

We pick 10 of Associated Press's best news photos of 2016, let's take a look.

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