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Traditional retail battles websites

[2013-11-12 01:40]

Traditional retailers no longer are content to sit and watch potential customers getting lured away by online rivals.

Report shows jump in Chinese students going to the US

[2013-11-12 00:55]

Thanks to the rising family incomes, China continues to send more students to universities and colleges in the United States.
Chinese students in US increase 21%

Online shopping gala sets records

[2013-11-12 00:47]

China's major e-commerce providers have posted record sales from the Nov 11 "Singles' Day" 24-hour online shopping blowout.

Typhoon Haiyan claims 6 in S. China

[2013-11-12 00:38]

Six people have been killed with more than 500,000 affected in Hainan province and the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region as a weakened Typhoon Haiyan hit the coast of southern China over the weekend, causing strong winds and torrential rains, authorities said.

Iran to give UN inspectors more access to nuclear sites

[2013-11-12 00:22]

Iran will grant UN inspectors "managed access" to a uranium mine and a heavy water plant within three months as part of a deal agreed on Monday aimed at improving transparency in the Islamic state's disputed nuclear program.

2 killed in Texas party shooting

[2013-11-11 16:10]

Two high school students were killed and 19 others, most of them teens, wounded when a celebratory gunfire led to random shootings at a massive house party in a suburb of the US city of Houston.

Singles Day becomes China's Black Friday

[2013-11-11 13:51]

Chinese shoppers clicked their way through purchases in an overnight shopping rush on Monday, as China's online retail giants launched massive sales for "Singles Day" at midnight.

Red Bull Soapbox Race in Buenos Aires

[2013-11-11 09:59]

Competitors ride a home-made vehicle without an engine on a 400-meter-track during the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Buenos Aires.

They don't make things like they used to

[2013-11-11 00:35]

An innovative new retail concept is taking vintage luxury items and repurposing them for modern use. Kitty Go reports from what may be the world's chicest recycling boutique in Hong Kong.

'Singles Day' has shoppers ready to spend big

[2013-11-10 23:54]

Chinese consumers will spend on average 1,800 yuan ($295) per person during Double Eleven Shopping Festival, according to an analysis.
Singles Day ignites online retail frenzy

Thousands rally over Kimmel show remark

[2013-11-10 23:29]

Chinese-American anger over the Jimmy Kimmel show is not an overreaction and their protest raises concern about discrimination against Chinese and other minorities in the United States.

Money isn't everything in success of nation's team

[2013-11-10 22:59]

Building a profound soccer culture and introducing a professional approach to club management — and not simply spending money to buy big-name players — are important to the future development of Chinese soccer.

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