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Xi hails China-Peru progress

[2014-07-17 09:58]

Chinese President Xi Jinping held a number of bilateral meetings with his counterparts from countries including Peru, Costa Rica and Chile on Wednesday in Brazil's capital city of Brasilia during his South America trip.

Latin American cities hosting visits by President Xi

[2014-07-16 15:39]

Following President Xi's visit to Latin America,let's take a look at the views of these cities.

Xi confident in BRICS future

[2014-07-16 11:27]

Leaders of BRICS, the world's five major emerging economies, ink agreement for better development, more equitable world.

SPINEXPO puts Chinese textiles front and center

[2014-07-16 08:54]

More than 80 exhibitors from the global textile industry set up shop on at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

More Chinese set to travel to Brazil

[2014-07-16 08:10]

Brazil is expecting an increase in the number of Chinese tourists, following a surge in interest due to the World Cup and also the Olympic Games which will be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Developing stature

[2014-07-16 07:12]

The 2014 BRICS summit, with the theme “Sustainable Solutions for Inclusive Growth”, takes place in Brazil on July 15 and 16. Brazil,
Russia, India, China and South Africa are to set up a development bank that will provide new financing channels and funding support for BRICS countries. The summit will be another milestone in cooperation between the five major emerging economies.

Shanghai most likely HQ for BRICS bank

[2014-07-15 13:14]

A Reuters report said Shanghai is most likely to become the headquarters of a development bank being launched by the BRICS emerging market nations.

AMC to produce Chinese tale Journey to the West

[2014-07-15 11:52]

It has been more than four centuries since Wu Cheng'en, a poet and novelist from the Ming Dynasty, wrote Journey to the West.

Xi meets with India's new PM

[2014-07-15 11:52]

Leaders from China and India held their maiden meeting Monday following the Indian government's recent post-election reshuffle, with President Xi Jinping calling on the two giant Asian countries to be partners rather than competitors.

Chinese call for Fox host to resign

[2014-07-15 05:43]

The Chinese community in the United States are demanding Fox News fire host Bob Beckel and are asking for an apology after Beckel's discriminatory comment about Chinese people aired on July 4.

BRICS nations don't like West dominance: Experts

[2014-07-15 05:37]

It's unusual for pundits at the world's top think tank to come to a unanimous agreement. But panelists who convened at a recent Brookings Institute seminar all believe that the BRICS countries now meeting in Brazil for their sixth summit want a more diversified world where they can have a stronger voice and one that is not dominated by the United State and the West.

Brazil makes ready to play host to BRICS 'family'

[2014-07-14 10:42]

Brazil makes ready to play host to BRICS 'family'

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