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Arrest made in bomb threat

[2012-09-03 07:17]

A man was arrested in Wuhan on Sunday morning on suspicion of making a bomb threat that forced a passenger airliner to make an emergency landing.

Head start at school

[2012-09-03 07:05]

Pupils in Chinese traditional costumes attend a ceremony to learn knowledge and etiquette at Confucius temple in Nanjing.

Washington to remain focused on Asia-Pacific

[2012-09-03 02:18]

A constructive US-China relationship is crucial to stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region as the United States will continue to focus on its relationship with countries in this region.

Mine blast death toll rises to 45

[2012-09-03 02:12]

The death toll in Wednesday's mine blast in Sichuan province climbed to 45 on Sunday, as one more body was retrieved in the morning.

Tokyo govt starts illegal survey near Diaoyu Islands

[2012-09-02 11:34]

A survey group organized by Tokyo metropolitan government arrived at waters near Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea and started illegal survey.

Obama kicks off campaign tour ahead of party convention

[2012-09-02 10:40]

Barack Obama on Saturday kicked off a tight-scheduled campaign tour in key battleground states to warm up for next week's Democratic National Convention.

Legendary songwriter Hal David dies at 91

[2012-09-02 09:54]

Hal David, a lyricist who along with composer Burt Bacharach took the pop world by storm in the 1960s. died in Los Angeles on Saturday at age 91.

A walk in the park

[2012-09-02 09:41]

In Beijing, the parks are always abuzz with activities at any time of the day, in all seasons - well, almost.

Wen inspects affordable housing in Tianjin

[2012-09-02 09:24]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has reiterated the country still needs to resolutely curb speculative property investment as controls on the real estate sector are still in a "critical period."

US envoy touts China ties

[2012-09-02 08:23]

US Ambassador to China Gary Locke on Saturday called for a way that the two countries can co-exist and cooperate without unhealthy competition or conflict.The inner Locke US politicians urged to stop making groundless accusation

Weekend farmers

[2012-09-02 08:19]

Many people are escaping to the great outdoors on weekends, exchanging keyboards and styluses for hoes and hoses.

New school year starts all over China

[2012-09-01 21:51]

Sept 1 is the first day of school for most of China's middle and primary schools. Many students got their textbooks for the new semester and started their school life.

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