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3D light show displayed in Shanghai

[2013-11-16 11:09]

A 3D light show is displayed on the City Square under the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, East China, Nov 15, 2013.

Wu Lei goal keeps alive China's hope in Asian Cup

[2013-11-16 00:39]

China kept alive its hopes of qualifying for the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia after beating Indonesia 1-0 here on Friday.

Hit litterbugs with fines, not insults

[2013-11-16 00:24]

A few days ago, staff of the Beijing Metro ruffled feathers when they called some passengers "locusts".

Nation's FDI in US getting more diverse

[2013-11-15 23:55]

Although the scope of Chinese investment in the US is broadening and diversifying, the amounts involved are still a drop in the bucket of the world's largest economy.

Treasures under the hammer

[2013-11-15 01:51]

Guardian Auctions has handled many of China's valuable cultural relics over their 20 years in business. Now, a retrospective exhibition displays some of the most breathtaking pieces of China's past that have passed through their hands.

'Reverse' vending machine sells idea of recycling

[2013-11-15 01:10]

Beijing's primary and middle schools will get ''reverse'' vending machines, which pay out coins and stationary in exchange for empty bottles or used books, as part of efforts to boost recycling.

Heroic act helps thaw icy ties

[2013-11-15 01:10]

What a difference an ordinary person can make at a time when China and Japan are mired in the worst diplomatic deadlock since 1972.

US carrier starts Philippine storm relief

[2013-11-15 00:07]

A US aircraft carrier "strike group" started unloading food and water to the typhoon-ravaged central Philippines on Thursday, as President Benigno Aquino faced mounting pressure to speed up the distribution of supplies.

Newtown families mark anniversary with a plea for parents to unite

[2013-11-14 23:38]

Mark Barden liked to call his son Daniel the "custodian of all living creatures," the sort of 7-year-old who would comfort someone sitting alone or looking sad or who would help another child with a stuck jacket zipper.

Healthy baby born to brain-dead mom in Hungary

[2013-11-14 13:08]

A baby's life was saved and four other people got a new lease on life from the organs of a brain-dead woman, the medical center of University of Debrecen in east Hungary reported on Wednesday.

China's changing fashion since 1978

[2013-11-14 10:28]

Since 1978, when the reform and opening-up policy was put forward at the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Chinese people's concept of fashion has been changing day by day, as new messages and ways of life update their thinking. [Photo/Xinhua]

Top 10 romantic places to meet your Miss Right

[2013-11-14 08:59]

A single man of a romantic mind must be in want of a girlfriend.

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