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Ecuador offers political asylum to Assange

[2012-08-17 06:49]

Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said Thursday his country has decided to grant asylum to WikiLeaks website founder Julian Assange.

Tokyo set to release detained activists

[2012-08-17 02:15]

Japan will return 14 activists who were illegally detained after landing on an island belonging to China, according to Chinese diplomats in Japan.

Wildfires blaze across US west

[2012-08-16 15:52]

Wildfires roared out of control across the sun-scorched US West on Wednesday and threatened to engulf two small towns in Idaho as firefighters managed to partially dampen a monster blaze that has destroyed more than 60 homes in Washington state.

Samsung unveils new tablet to challenge iPad

[2012-08-16 13:48]

Samsung Electronics Co's new tablet is unveiled in the United States.

NBA stars fuel basketball mania in China

[2012-08-16 11:00]

China sees an influx of big-name NBA stars on sponsor-backed visits every summer.

Wildfires rage in US, destroy 60 homes

[2012-08-16 10:17]

Firefighters battled wildfires across the US West on Tuesday, including a massive out-of-control blaze that has destroyed at least 60 homes.

Tibetan herders lead environment effort

[2012-08-16 07:40]

Herders of the Tibetan ethnic group are leading the charge in protecting grasslands and biodiversity in their communities, thanks to support from the government and environmental groups.

US adds more counties as drought disaster areas

[2012-08-16 07:08]

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Wednesday designated 172 additional counties in 15 states as primary drought-stricken areas.

Beijing demands activists' release

[2012-08-16 02:38]

Beijing urged Tokyo on Wednesday to immediately and unconditionally release 14 Chinese nationals held over a landing on islands belonging to China. 5 arrested Chinese activists arrive in Okinawa Citizens stage protest outside Japanese Embassy

Female pilots trained for J-10

[2012-08-15 20:21]

A group of Chinese female pilots have recently made their first solo flights in the Jian-10 combat aircraft, becoming the first female air force pilots capable of flying the multirole aircraft — the country’s most advanced fighter jet.

Japan arrests 14 Chinese on Diaoyu Islands

[2012-08-15 19:05]

Japan in total arrested 14 Chinese activists on Wednesday including seven who landed on the Diaoyu Islands at around 5:30 pm local time. Japan urged to honor commitments

Motorcycles race through desert in NW China

[2012-08-15 15:24]

A motorbike racer leaps high in Yinchuan, Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Aug 14, 2012. Nearly 100 cyclers took part in the desert motorbike race on Tuesday.

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