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Solar power changing our life

[2017-07-20 07:58]

Amid a growing awareness of sustainable development, solar power has been put into use in many spheres worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of the applications of the clean energy around the world.

Top 10 countries committing most to cybersecurity

[2017-07-20 06:56]

Let's take a look at the top 10 countries that demonstrate highest commitment to cybersecurity.

Book-sharing a new draw for readers

[2017-07-19 08:14]

Bookstore allows readers to take books home free for reading after paying a 99-yuan ($15) deposit.

Top 10 fund-raisers in tech sector

[2017-07-19 06:49]

According to tech website, startups in news, entertainment and transportation sectors secured most capital in the first half of this year. Let's take a look at these companies.

Swimmers float in 'Dead Sea' in Dalian

[2017-07-19 07:40]

People float on the surface of water with high amount of salt at a bathing beach in Dalian, Liaoning province, July 18, 2017. The "Dead Sea", with the salinity above 23 percent, makes it easy for visitors to float.

No snow, but there they go

[2017-07-19 06:47]

Beijing at the height of summer is not where you would expect to find a bustling ski resort-until now.

Annual Lobster Festival celebrated in California

[2017-07-18 07:02]

Annual Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival celebrated in California

Top 10 box offices movies on Chinese market in H1

[2017-07-18 06:51]

China's box office has had an 11.2 percent increase in revenue compared to the same time last year, totaling 27.35 billion yuan for the first half of 2017.

Take-out food now available on bullet trains

[2017-07-18 07:48]

Passengers on some bullet trains are allowed to order meal online from restaurants starting Monday.

Nebraska has stake in beef exports

[2017-07-17 07:25]

US state sends first batch of steaks to China since ban lifted.

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