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Naturalization ceremony at New York Public Library

[2014-07-03 03:02]

A naturalization ceremony that welcomes 150 new citizens from 46 countries - including 11 from China - takes place at the New York Public Library on Wednesday.

US president shares nation's World Cup agony

[2014-07-02 16:59]

US President Barack Obama took a break from affairs of state to pop into a White House staff party to watch part of the World Cup soccer match between the US and Belgium. He arrived shortly after the second half began, having wrapped up a meeting with national security aides.

Consumers from China prefer niche luxury items

[2014-07-02 11:18]

Chinese consumers are no longer picking up a flashy Louis Vuitton bag and now prefer niche luxury brands, and those who travel to the United States prefer less mainstream stores to "get away from the crowd," according to fashion industry consultants.

Xbox One readies for national debut

[2014-07-02 08:25]

Though Microsoft Corp's Xbox One gaming console has crossed the final hurdle for its entry in China, the road ahead may not be that smooth.

Bridging the culture gap

[2014-07-02 06:47]

Cai Wu, China's Minister of Culture, visited the Chinese Garden at Huntington Library in San Marino on Tuesday.

US hopes high for S&ED

[2014-07-01 22:59]

Despite widespread concern that bilateral relations between the world’s two largest economies has been heading downhill lately, US officials and experts expressed their optimism that the upcoming 6th meeting of the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) will help get things back on track.

Culture camp delivers authentic China

[2014-07-01 07:43]

What better way to learn about a foreign culture than from the people who live and breathe it every day.

China navy is RIMPAC 'highlight'

[2014-07-01 07:43]

RIMPAC is the world's largest biennial naval exercise between the US and Pacific Rim nations and for the first time includes China. Twenty-two countries are participating.

Ancient Chinese folktale returns to New York City

[2014-07-01 03:57]

China's world-renowned female percussion group the Red Poppy Ladies is returning to New York City this summer for a three-month run of Mulan the Musical.

Move to domestic software pressures foreign companies

[2014-07-01 02:04]

The government's rising fears over information safety may further cut the market share for overseas software enterprises in government procurement.

Bank of China opens branch in Queens

[2014-06-30 22:24]

Bank of China on Friday opened its newest New York branch in Flushing, Queens, home to the second-biggest Chinese and Chinese American population in New York City, relocating from Manhattan.

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