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No answers from Pakistan

[2012-05-02 10:11]

Islamabad has failed to answer tough questions over whether its security forces were protecting Osama bin Laden.

Da Vinci exhibit reveals an anatomist of genius

[2012-05-02 09:50]

Anew exhibition at Buckingham Palace explores the Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, inventor and scientist's breathtaking anatomical studies of the human body.

Flight simulators give pilots real training

[2012-05-02 07:37]

China's air force is expanding the use of flight simulation technology to hone fighter pilots' skills and air battle tactics.

Search for survivors after Indian ferry sinks

[2012-05-02 07:09]

Over 200 people were feared dead in a major ferry incident in the northeast Indian state of Assam Monday evening, with 105 people confirmed dead from drowning while over 100 still remained missing.

Tourist sites burst with people during holiday

[2012-05-01 20:13]

Tourists gather to watch the flag-raising ceremony at Tian'anmen Square during the three-day May Day holiday in Beijing, on May 1, 2012.

Elephants perform in May Day rally in Bangkok

[2012-05-01 16:15]

Elephants and workers take part in a May Day rally at the Royal Plaza in Bangkok May 1, 2012.

Polish the tradition in a novel way

[2012-05-01 11:22]

Lin Wei, an artist, works on a traditional ink painting with a mop in Fuzhou, Southeast China's Fujian province, on April 30, 2011.

Luxury for lease

[2012-05-01 08:10]

Ren Jiansong puts paying his rent ahead of buying the pricey luxury goods he so adores - prompting the 26-year-old fashionmonger to frequently rent luxury goods from a Beijing-based boutique. His most recent rental was a Louis Vuitton Damier Naviglio. The brown and tan messenger bag retails for about $1,600, but Ren paid 180 yuan ($29) to borrow one for three days. He also paid 90 yuan to rent a $700 Louis Vuitton wallet for three days. "I can afford to buy any of them, but I don't think the prices are acceptable," says Ren, whose annual income is nearly 220,000 yuan.

Photos bloom

[2012-05-01 08:10]

Newspaper gives greater recognition to amateur photographers.

Calculating the power of your hard-earned yuan

[2012-05-01 08:07]

What's the average wage in China and how does it compare with that in other countries?

Moutai tops China's liquor brand list

[2012-05-01 07:49]

Moutai: China's top liquor brand and considered the national spirit of China.

One World Trade Center becomes NY's tallest

[2012-05-01 05:35]

One World Trade Center has become the tallest building in New York City on Monday, overtaking the height of the Empire State Building.

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