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Beijng Zoo wholesale market to be relocated by 2016

[2015-12-30 08:19]

The Julong Foreign Trade Garment City will be closed on Dec 31, a move of Beijing government to gradually relocate markets in the Zoo Market Area to neighboring Hebei Province so as to reduce traffic congestion and population density.

Iron woman: first female body builder in Egypt

[2015-12-30 10:41]

Kholoud Essam, a 27-year-old Muslim, is known as the first female body builder in Egypt.

Yearender: Chinese athletes of year

[2015-12-29 11:29]

Top 10 Chinese athletes of the year of 2015 voted by Xinhua.

Yearender: Key words from popular China news stories in 2015

[2015-12-29 07:02]

The year 2015 will go be remembered for various reasons. To help realize exactly how 2015 will be remembered, here are the key words from the year that was.

Hangzhou shuts steel plant to improve air quality

[2015-12-29 13:43]

A 59-year-old iron and steel plant operated by Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Co was shut down this month in order to improve the city's air quality.

China's longest tunnel under lake open to traffic

[2015-12-29 07:15]

The Donghu Lake tunnel, China's longest tunnel under a lake, was open to traffic on Monday. A car could run through the 10.6-kilometer-long tunnel in around 15 minutes.

Top 10 policy changes in China in 2015

[2015-12-28 07:05]

From the two-child policy to a unified pension system, from household permits for all to the delayed retirement age, all these policies will make a difference to the nation.

Yearender 2015: Natural disasters

[2015-12-28 15:14]

Yearender 2015: Natural disasters

The world in photos: Dec 21 - 27

[2015-12-28 09:49]

We present some of the most striking images from major stories around the world in the past week.

Yearender: Film critics' top 10 Chinese films of 2015

[2015-12-28 09:38]

Domestic productions have provided audiences with many pleasant surprises on the silver screen this year. As the year is coming to an end, China Daily Website has invited nine critics, academics and film workers to vote for their top ten films of the year.

Goldware inscribed with characters unearthed from ancient cemetery

[2015-12-28 12:53]

Newly unearthed, large hoof-shaped pieces of gold were found inscribed with the Chinese characters for "upper", "middle" and "down" when archeologists cleaned the items excavated from a cemetery.

China's top scientific achievements in 2015

[2015-12-25 07:14]

The year 2015 witnessed some major breakthroughs by Chinese people in science, such as winning China's first Nobel Prize and rolling out the first large-scale domestically manufactured passenger airplane.

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