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9/11 plane landing gear found in lower Manhattan

[2013-04-27 09:46]

A piece of landing gear believed to be from one of the commercial airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, has been discovered.

Fire at Russian hospital kills 38

[2013-04-27 07:37]

Thirty-eight people, mostly patients, were killed on Friday in a fire that ravaged a hospital in the Moscow region.

Shaolin monk doctors assist earthquake victims

[2013-04-27 02:44]

Rao Zexiang, who hurt her left foot while fleeing the April 20 earthquake, went on Thursday to see the doctors — monks from a rescue team from Shaolin Temple.

Relics to be returned

[2013-04-27 02:41]

Two imperial bronze sculptures that were looted from Beijing's Old Summer Palace will come home later this year, thanks to the donation of the French art-collecting Pinault family.

Wenchuan experience crucial

[2013-04-26 02:16]

Collapsed houses and broken roads, devastated by Saturday's magnitude-7 earthquake in Lushan, Sichuan province, are all too familiar to soldier Zhu Yunping.

Meeting delivers big deals

[2013-04-26 01:36]

Beijing and Paris signed 18 deals on Thursday as President Xi hosted his first head of state from a major Western country, French President Hollande. Leaders oppose trade barriers
Hollande promises safety for tourists

Copyright watchdog urges industry dialogue

[2013-04-26 01:13]

Music providers and website operators should meet to discuss the possibility of charging for music downloads on the Internet.

Prices at scenic spots to go down

[2013-04-26 00:17]

A senior official from China's top economic planner said on Thursday that the entry fee at scenic spots should gradually go down.

Xi meets former US heavyweights

[2013-04-25 02:32]

Cabinet members, governors and top military officers are among the guests from the United States who have met with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Classes resume in quake-hit zone

[2013-04-25 02:18]

Luo Xinying does not care about sharing a textbook with his classmate now. He feels relieved to be back at school. The 15-year-old is one of thousands of students in the quake zone who will face the high school entrance exam from June 12 to 14.

First H7N9 flu case in Taiwan

[2013-04-25 01:20]

Taiwan confirmed the first case of H7N9 bird flu outside the Chinese mainland on Wednesday.

Family feeds quake workers

[2013-04-24 10:49]

Yue Yan, a 23-year-old Lushan local has been serving food to quake rescuers after her hometown was jolted on Saturday.

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