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Poetic beauty: 10 most significant flowers in China

[2017-03-01 10:13]

Messengers of spring, embodiments of beauty, flowers are one of the most amazing wonders on this planet.We've highlighted 10 of the most well-known flowers in China that have special significance in Chinese culture.

45 years after Shanghai Communiqué: China-US ties

[2017-03-01 09:41]

45 years after Shanghai Communiqué: More mature China-US ties

Panda cub dubbed 'the most needy' after video goes viral

[2017-03-01 09:56]

A video of the needy seven-month-old cub's antics has gone viral online, which has been viewed more than 56.7 million times on Sina Weibo.

20 newly crowned top attractions for your spring tour

[2017-02-28 10:40]

20 newly crowned top attractions for your spring tour

China's first undersea subway tunnel taking shape

[2017-02-28 10:14]

The length of the tunnel will be 8.1 kilometers, and the track will reach depths of up to 85 meters below sea level.

Art from Mother Nature

[2017-02-28 09:34]

Artist Vicki Rawlins uses a variety of unique ingredients from the great outdoors to create her three-dimensional artwork.

A Beijinger's different working track

[2017-02-27 09:28]

Chen accepted a marketing job offer in Tianjin last June. This is his eighth month as a Beijing-Tianjin commuter.

Call of love: Couple entrepreneurs

[2017-02-24 13:22]

As the government rolls out more incentives to encourage mass entrepreneurship, more are responding to the call with actions. While some have started their business on their own, others have partnered with their loved ones.

Miao silversmith puts shine back in silver

[2017-02-24 10:59]

Ma Maoting is a renowned silversmith in Fenghuang county, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture, Central China's Hunan province. He has been in this trade for 43 years.

10 places to date with flowers in spring

[2017-02-24 09:45]

British poet P.B.Shelley once said in his poem Ode to the West Wind “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Now that the winter has come to an end, so the spring is around the corner. Spring represents a season of flowers. Let’s pick 10 places for you to take your family to have a nice spring.

Ten photos from across China: Feb 17 – 23

[2017-02-24 08:34]

Hollywood actor Lee Pace spends time with pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan on Tuesday.

Reporter steals the show at Beijing Naked Run

[2017-02-27 13:32]

A reporter wearing a bikini poses as people take a photo of her in the chill spring air during the annual Naked Run held at the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing, on Feb 26, 2017.

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