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Tibet's horse racing gala

[2011-08-12 08:55]

A horse racing gala was opened in Naqu in Tibet on August 11 and will last six days.

Youth sports stay strong in China

[2011-08-12 08:31]

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) is ready to work with China to promote university sports, its president George E. Killian told Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday.

China launches communications satellite for Pakistan

[2011-08-12 07:23]

China launched a communications satellite PAKSAT-1R for Pakistan at 0:15 am Friday from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province.

Texas Governor Perry to run for US president

[2011-08-12 07:13]

Texas Governor Rick Perry, a staunch conservative with a Washington outsider's resume, will seek the 2012 Republican nomination for US president.

Versatile Putin dives to recover relics

[2011-08-11 15:25]

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin went scuba diving at a Black Sea site known as the Russian Atlantis in the Taman bay on Wednesday.

The life of a 13-year-old in rural China

[2011-08-11 14:22]

Wang Leimei, 13, lives with her parents and six-year-old brother in a rundown cottage in Xialao village in Xundian Hui and Yi autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Yunnan province, where life is much different to the hustle and bustle of the city.

UK streets calmer after nights of riots and chaos

[2011-08-11 09:51]

Days of rioting and looting across Britain looked to be cooling on Wednesday after Prime Minister David Cameron's promised a fightback and flooded city streets with police to try to restore order.

Cleveland Volcano in low-level eruption

[2011-08-11 08:31]

Cleveland Volcano has been in low-level eruption since the end of July, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said.

Relative hopes to turn ticket sales into charity for victims

[2011-08-11 07:52]

A man who lost five family members in last month's deadly high-speed train crash hopes to raise money for charity by selling tickets for the train.

College recruits aim for military life

[2011-08-10 12:10]

A soldier recruited from college eyes his target amid hot weather in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province Aug 9, 2011. Recently, 138 recruits from colleges and universities all over the country came to Jiangsu Frontier Corps for military training in a bid to become qualified frontier guards.

London scarred after riots

[2011-08-10 10:55]

British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would recall parliament from its summer recess for a day on Thursday after rioting swept through London for three consecutive nights.

Rescue work underway after quake hits SW China

[2011-08-10 09:57]

A 5.2-magnitude earthquake hit Baoshan city in Southwest China's Yunnan province around 7:50 pm Tuesday Beijing Time, said the China Earthquake Networks Center.

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