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Keeping in step

[2012-05-19 08:13]

Lebanese students dance during "The Big Dance" event in downtown Beirut, near the parliament May 18, 2012. "The Big Dance" is an initiative of the British Council's global project "Connecting Classrooms" which aims to develop links between schools in Britain and Lebanon.

Man honored after rescue

[2012-05-19 07:50]

A Spanish man who rescued a drowning boy was deemed a "good Samaritan" in Changshu, a city in East China's Jiangsu province, on Tuesday.

Short films show strong life during fair

[2012-05-19 07:30]

More than 1,000 short films from the Chinese mainland and overseas were assembled in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, on Thursday and Friday for the third China International New Media Shorts Festival and KingBonn Award Competition.

Flowers of May festival at ocean park

[2012-05-18 21:41]

Flores De Mayo is a month long festival in the Philippines held to honour the Virgin Mary.

Peking and Tsinghua top in donations from grads

[2012-05-18 07:58]

More than 30 percent of Tsinghua alumni gave money to their alma mater in the 2010-2011 academic year, higher than the donation rate of any other Chinese university, according to 2012 data from, an independent Chinese website focusing on alumni affairs.

State to boost efforts for rural elderly care

[2012-05-18 07:32]

The government plans to invest more to improve senior citizen services in rural areas because more elderly people live there than in cities, a senior Ministry of Civil Affairs official said on Thursday.

Manila set to dispatch envoys to Beijing

[2012-05-18 02:59]

Chinese experts said that the move of dispatching the envoys reflects Manila's desire to ease the crisis.

Navy chases away 70 suspected pirates

[2012-05-17 21:07]

Chinese navy escort team evicted over 70 boats that were suspected to be owned by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, on May 15, 2012.

Navy ship sunk as artificial reef

[2012-05-17 15:05]

The vessel was being prepared to be intentionally sunk as an artificial reef.

Facebook begins trading, China its next step?

[2012-05-17 10:49]

421 million shares of Facebook Inc begin trading on Nasdaq, expected to raise as much as $16 billion.

A glance at Swiss Army Knives factory

[2012-05-16 21:58]

Workers at the Victorinox factory, founded in 1884, produce 28,000 Swiss Army Knives a day, many hand-assembled.

Afghans reap wheat harvest

[2012-05-16 18:31]

An Afghan boy carries wheat as he works on a wheat field in Nangarhar province May 16, 2012.

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