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1st subway across Yangtze River starts test run

[2012-12-28 10:22]

China's first subway line to cross the Yangtze River, the country's longest waterway, starts test run on Dec 28 in the central city of Wuhan.

Stranded whale dies on NY beach

[2012-12-28 10:16]

A deceased whale lies on a beach in the Queens borough region of Breezy Point, New York, Dec 27, 2012.

Americans want their guns, with some restrictions

[2012-12-28 09:24]

Nearly seven in 10 Americans support the idea of placing strong or moderate limits gun ownership following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Tibet Opera to return to center stage

[2012-12-28 03:06]

China's top opera academy will offer an undergraduate course in Tibetan Opera for the first time in 2013.

Ancient fishing tradition reels in catch of the day

[2012-12-28 01:22]

A large winter fishing event in China kicked off on Thursday at Chagan Lake, in Jilin province.

Beidou system starts service in Asia-Pacific

[2012-12-27 13:47]

China's indigenous Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) on Thursday began providing services to users in the Asia-Pacific region

Winter storms hit eastern US

[2012-12-27 10:39]

The severe winter weather that hit parts of the central and southern United States, causing flight delays and dangerous road conditions for holiday travelers.

Train journey into history

[2012-12-27 02:08]

China Daily reporter Zhao Lei watches the countryside hurtle past as he travels in comfort and style on the world's longest high-speed rail link.

80 million fly through airport

[2012-12-27 00:31]

Beijing Capital International Airport welcomed its 80 millionth passenger this year on Wednesday, reaching its designed capacity five years ahead of schedule.

Abe returns as Japan's leader

[2012-12-27 00:04]

Shinzo Abe on Wed was sworn in as Japan's new prime minister amid the country's economic downturn and diplomatic deadlocks with neighbors.
Japan's new PM sounds less hawkish
Poll reveals worsening public opinion of Japan

Photos: High-speed rail ready for travelers

[2012-12-26 10:01]

Photos: A close-up of high-seepd rail

Chinese Navy escort voyages fruitful

[2012-12-26 07:47]

Navy fleets escorting commercial vessels in the Indian Ocean have successfully accomplished their international missions over the last four years.

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