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Protests erupt after verdict

[2013-07-15 01:44]

US citizens angry at the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of teen Trayvon Martin marched in US cities throughout Saturday night, with reports of sporadic acts of violence.

Urumqi residents hand in weapons

[2013-07-15 01:25]

500 bullets have been turned in to police in Urumqi since July 2, when the region began offering rewards for long knives, guns and other weapons.

8 dead, 19 injured after bus leaves road in Jinghong

[2013-07-14 22:50]

Eight people were confirmed dead and 19 others injured in a bus accident in Jinghong, the capital of Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province, the local government said on Sunday.

China's largest salvage vessel visits Indonesia

[2013-07-14 18:02]

China's patrol and search-and- rescue vessel Haixun 01 arrived at Jakarta on Sunday, commencing its goodwill visit to Indonesia for the next four days.

27 killed, 77 wounded in attacks across Iraq

[2013-07-14 14:01]

At least 27 people were killed and 77 others wounded in separate violent attacks across Iraq on Saturday, including a bombing attack against a Sunni mosque in the capital city, police said.

Soulik batters Taiwan, Fujian coast

[2013-07-14 10:03]

Typhoon Soulik, the strongest typhoon to hit China so far this year, struck mainland's Fujian province on Saturday, after slamming Taiwan with heavy rain, leaving one dead and more than 30 people injured on the island.

French train derailment kills six: media

[2013-07-14 04:12]

French police have said that the final death toll in Friday's train derailment south of Paris is now definitive at six.

Death toll rises to 43 in SW China landslide

[2013-07-13 23:40]

The death toll from a landslide in Southwest China's Sichuan province has risen to 43 after 25 more bodies were retrieved.

China maintains top-level alert for Typhoon Soulik

[2013-07-13 14:59]

The National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center on Saturday maintained a top-level warning for sea waves caused by Typhoon Soulik. Soulik kills 1, injures 21 in Taiwan Soulik to bring rainstorms to E China

Chinese female sailors at China-Russia sea drills

[2013-07-13 13:51]

Chinese female sailors participate in China-Russia "Joint Sea-2013" drill at Peter the Great Bay in Russia, July 12, 2013.

Coca-Cola seeks to connect with young customers

[2013-07-13 02:22]

The world's largest beverage company, the Coca-Cola Co, has launched a series of marketing campaigns in order to meet the demand of the younger Chinese generations.

Inscriptions may predate oracle bones

[2013-07-13 01:53]

Archaeologists have discovered written characters in Zhejiang province dating back 5,000 years, potentially the earliest found in China.

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