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China to play 'constructive' role on Syria: FM

[2013-09-20 15:54]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi pledged Thursday that China will play "a positive and constructive role" in helping resolve the crisis over Syria's chemical weapons.
UN Security Council must act on Syria: Kerry
China to work with int'l community on Syria
China welcomes Russia-US deal on Syria

Faces of Tibet

[2013-09-20 00:19]

There are more than 10 ethnic groups living in the Tibet autonomous region. Ethnic groups living on the plateau not only keep traditions from generations past, but also face the modern way of life full of hope.

Wearable technology, the new game-changer

[2013-09-20 00:08]

The next big thing in consumer electronics will change your life. If you were expecting the new iPhone to be that revolutionary product, you may want to think again.

Parents told to think before clicking 'send'

[2013-09-19 23:40]

Social networking sites are replacing photo albums as a method to record and share every moment of their children's lives, but some are raising concerns about privacy.

Full moon across China

[2013-09-19 20:44]

A full moon rises in the sky over Huaibei city, East China’s Anhui province, Sept 19. The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day in Chinese lunar calendar, is celebrated across the country.

A simple but pure festival tradition

[2013-09-19 08:27]

Although bakery products have changed through the years, some of the most popular recipes remain the original ones, Ye Jun reports.

Tapestry of Chinese culture and a Harvard teen's feeling

[2013-09-19 08:21]

Many books have been written about China through the eyes of Western authors with observations usually framed by their own cultural background. But Harvard University student John Thornton approaches the country from a different perspective, unburdened with adult values.

Beijing's rabbit god returns

[2013-09-19 01:17]

Though it was on the brink of dying out just a few decades ago, the tradition of sculpting icons for Mid-Autumn Festival is coming back.

It's the real deal: Class explains genuine vs fake

[2013-09-19 00:59]

Luxury appraisal courses gain favor among the wealthy as counterfeit goods become harder to distinguish, Xu Junqian in Shanghai reports.

An eclipse of the mooncake

[2013-09-19 00:57]

Sales of traditional palm-size pastries eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival feel the pitch of campaign to curb extravagance launched by nation's leader.

Australia's new government sworn in

[2013-09-18 15:48]

Tony Abbott and his new cabinet have been sworn in by the Governor-General Quentin Bryce at the Government House in Canberra on Wednesday, making him Australia's 28th prime minister.

Occupy Wall Street marks its second anniversary

[2013-09-18 13:08]

Two years after getting its start in a downtown Manhattan park, Occupy Wall Street, the populist movement protesting economic inequality, marked its second anniversary on Tuesday with a protest near the New York Stock Exchange and a planned march near the United Nations.

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