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China launches satellite for Nigeria

[2011-12-20 07:19]

China successfully sent a Nigerian communication satellite into orbit with its Long March-3B carrier rocket from southwest Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 00:41 Beijing Time Tuesday.

Russia to launch spacecraft to space station

[2011-12-20 07:14]

International Space Station (ISS) crew, US astronaut Donald Pettit, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko and Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, are due to travel on the spacecraft to the space station on Wednesday.

DPRK top leader Kim Jong-il passes away

[2011-12-19 11:19]

Kim Jong-il passed away Saturday at the age of 69 from a great mental and physical strain.Profile
Response:ROK on high alert US in close touch with ROK China expresses deep condolences on Kim's death.Japan hopes Kim's death has no negative impact

Plants to dispose of dead pets

[2011-12-19 09:22]

To try and limit the practice of people burying their pets in communities, Beijing municipal government is establishing nine disposal plants next year that will be able to dispose of 12 tons of dead animals a day.

Art market sees a different picture

[2011-12-19 08:07]

The art market cooled this fall after several boom years. Both collectors and investors are buying less in retail stores and at auctions.

Poster boys of safe sex

[2011-12-19 07:56]

Controversy surrounds posters promoting HIV/AIDS awareness among gay men.

US diplomats face Iraq challenge as troops leave

[2011-12-19 07:51]

As the last US soldiers leave Iraq, the US State Department assumes the reins of a complex and risky operation.

Philippine typhoon kills 650

[2011-12-19 07:29]

Rescuers searched for more than 800 people missing in the southern Philippines on Sunday after flash floods and landslides killed over 650 people.

Typhoon kills more than 436 in S Philippines

[2011-12-18 09:52]

More than 400 people were killed and an unknown number were missing after a typhoon struck the southern Philippines.

Where the wild games are

[2011-12-18 09:08]

There were no fancy jerseys, no short-skirted cheerleaders for these athletes. But the competition was fierce, and so was the cultural pride - and that made Brazil's XI Indigenous Games one of the most watchable events of 2011.

Egypt's new govt faces tough test

[2011-12-18 07:47]

The Egyptian new government faces a tough test as fresh clashes between protesters and security forces in Cairo continued on Saturday.

New clash erupts in Cairo

[2011-12-17 08:07]

At least two people were killed and 222 others injured in the latest clashes between protestors and security forces Friday in Cairo, said the Egyptian health ministry.

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