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Songs of the world serenade Shanghai

[2013-05-10 00:33]

This year's World Music Shanghai was held from April 29 to May 5 at seven venues across the city and presented 11 acts.

Washington reaffirms defense of ROK

[2013-05-09 07:46]

Washington reiterated its defense commitment to Seoul with both conventional and nuclear forces, vowing no concessions to the DPRK after months of high tensions.

Ministry responds to public concerns about pollution

[2013-05-09 02:53]

On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Ministry revealed how the government has handled 13 cases of pollution in the first three months of 2013.

Sophisticated 3-D becoming more affordable

[2013-05-09 02:46]

Technology savvy buyers may now spend as little as 6,800 yuan ($1,100) for a printer that churns out anything from a microwave to a hammer or a doll.

China, Israel boost cooperation

[2013-05-09 02:20]

China and Israel on Wednesday vowed to join their respective advantages in markets and technology to create a bright future.
Xi calls for Middle East talks
China playing bigger role in Middle East

Yuan reference rate hits high

[2013-05-09 00:43]

The People's Bank of China on Wednesday set the daily reference rate of the yuan against the dollar at 6.1980, the highest in 19 years.

Simply majestic

[2013-05-09 00:19]

The Chang Family Manor in Yuci county, Shanxi province, was first built in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). But its spirit remains alive today.

Monk-doctors fill medical, spiritual needs

[2013-05-08 01:37]

Many Buddhists and followers visit Lhasa to find a cure in clinics with monk-doctors for assurance and comfort.

Unique calling

[2013-05-08 00:44]

People with dyslexia have often been misunderstood. There are now centers in China aimed at creating public awareness and giving training courses to this group of people.

Warning on EC solar move

[2013-05-08 00:32]

China has warned the European Commission against decisions in its handling of the ongoing anti-dumping and subsidies case involving China's solar panel.
Nation's panel exporters fear tougher times

Brand, design remain key

[2013-05-07 09:21]

Chinese exporters are keen to develop a new competitive edge through brand-building and technological development amid grim export prospects this year.

New bank lending predicted to slow in April

[2013-05-07 01:54]

New yuan loans extended by Chinese banks in April could fall to as low as 700 billion yuan ($113 billion), down from March's 1.06 trillion yuan.

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