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Lost dogs being fed into grisly trade

[2012-12-24 00:29]

Demand for dog meat is driving an illegal trade in stolen dogs, especially in rural areas, experts said, and causing a human health hazard.

Odes of Christmas

[2012-12-23 09:07]

Among the universal symbols of Christmas is Santa Claus, as can be clearly seen from the photos.

A little child shall lead

[2012-12-23 08:52]

A number of Chinese adopted children are returning with their new overseas families to live in China for a while, in the hope that getting in touch with their roots will help the kids in the long run.

NW China building fire kills 3

[2012-12-23 01:11]

Three people were killed and 20 others injured after a fire engulfed a commercial building in northwest China's Shaanxi Province Saturday morning.

India police use tear gas as protests intensify

[2012-12-22 21:43]

Indian police used batons, tear gas and water cannon to turn back thousands of people marching on the presidential palace on Saturday in intensifying protests against the gang-rape of a woman on the streets and on social media.

3-D printing set to become more mainstream

[2012-12-22 07:54]

China's first 3-D printing booth is expected to accept its first customers by the end of the year.

Leaders 'value US relations'

[2012-12-22 01:00]

Chinese leaders as always highly value ties with the United States, Vice-Premier Wang Qishan told US President Barack Obama in Washington on Thursday.

If you're reading this then the doomsday prophecy was wrong

[2012-12-22 00:20]

Hollywood blockbuster 2012 and the Mayan prophecy turned Dec 21, 2012 into doomsday - however, for all living creatures life still goes on.

Snow tourism flourishes in China's Snow Town

[2012-12-21 14:56]

China's Snow Town in the Snow Country National Forest Park has attracted many visitors from other cities who have come to enjoy the unique snow.

Green Christmas

[2012-12-21 09:49]

Thirty-five high school students dressed as Santa Claus pedal their bicycles during a green travel promotion in Nantong, Jiangsu province, on Wednesday.

NASA posts video debunking Maya 'Armageddon'

[2012-12-21 09:28]

NASA is so sure there will be a Dec 22, 2012, it has already posted a YouTube video titled "Why the World Didn't End Yesterday".

Obama picked as person of the year by Time

[2012-12-21 07:25]

Time magazine named re-elected US President Barack Obama as its person of the year for 2012 - the second time it has accorded him the accolade.

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