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CBS iconic journalist Mike Wallace dies at 93

[2012-04-09 01:18]

CBS newsman Mike Wallace, who helped make "60 Minutes" one the most successful prime-time television news program in the US, died at 93.

DPRK puts rocket on pad for satellite launch

[2012-04-08 22:03]

The rocket for Pyongyang's planned satellite launch later this month has been installed on the launch pad.

Comeback kid

[2012-04-08 08:10]

Still recovering from severe burns more than a year later, the "masked boy" of Shanxi province is taking his first steps back to a normal life.

International Pillow Fight Day

[2012-04-07 20:44]

People take part in a pillow fight event on International Pillow Fight Day at People Square in Shanghai April 7, 2012.

Easter celebrated across the world

[2012-04-07 13:33]

Worshippers hold all kinds of activities to remember the death of Jesus Chirist.

Authorities name six as terrorists

[2012-04-07 09:02]

Chinese police have published a list naming six men they suspect of being terrorists and have decided to freeze their assets.

Large cultural fair commences

[2012-04-07 08:23]

A large exhibition and fair showcasing about 50 intangible cultural heritage items opened on Friday in Xi'an.

Navy jet crashes into Virginia apartments,9 hurt

[2012-04-07 08:08]

A US Navy F/A-18D fighter crashed soon after take-off into an apartment complex in Virginia on Friday, injuring nine people.

Cannon fire sinks Japanese ghost ship

[2012-04-07 07:44]

The long, lonely voyage of the Japanese ghost ship is over.

Bread steamers tower high

[2012-04-06 15:24]

A bread-steaming box tower higher than four meters is seen at the door of a steamed bread restaurant in Weifang city, East China's Shandong province, April 6, 2012.

From dim sum to cross-talk star

[2012-04-06 14:39]

First she was laid off from a dim sum factory before turning to working as food vendor to make a living, but now Liu Chunhui has turned to performing cross-talk into a recipe for success.

Chocolate bunnies hop on shelves for Easter

[2012-04-06 14:28]

Chocolates in the shape of Easter bunnies are displayed at a store in Berlin, Germany, April 5, 2012. People shopped around to prepare for the Easter holiday on April 8.

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