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Affordable luxury gains popularity

[2012-10-14 10:12]

China's growing middle class is going for "mass luxury" - brand names that promise quality but do not burn a hole in the pocket.

Lisbon Fashion Week

[2012-10-14 10:08]

Lisbon Fashion Week

Gradual changes taking place amid bumper harvest

[2012-10-14 08:32]

China is the world's largest producer of cotton, and half the country's output comes from Xinjiang. But the landscape is gradually changing, as Li Xiaokun finds out in Urumqi.

China-DPRK trade expo debuts in border city

[2012-10-13 17:38]

An economic, trade, culture and tourism expo jointly initiated by China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) opened Friday in the border city of Dandong in Northeast China's Liaoning province.

Largest tent mosaic created in Qingdao

[2012-10-13 15:53]

The Guinness World Record declared it the largest tent mosaic, covering an area of 3400 square meters.

Astronomers find 'diamond planet'

[2012-10-13 02:17]

Scientists on Thursday reported the existence of a "diamond planet" twice the size of Earth, and eight times its mass, zooming around a nearby star.

Nobel winner's books flying off the shelves

[2012-10-13 01:23]

According to, sales of Mo's books jumped sharply after his win, and demand is exceeding supply although they had stocked up.

Biden, Ryan wrestle over consulate attack

[2012-10-12 11:08]

US Vice President Joe Biden and his Republican challenger Paul Ryan locked horns over the deadly attack on the US consulate in Libya's Benghazi immediately after their debate began.

Young panda gets a taste of the wild life

[2012-10-12 01:49]

A young panda, trained to survive in the wild, was released into the Liziping Nature Reserve in Southwest China on Thursday almost six years after a similar project ended in tragedy.

Mo pens Nobel success story

[2012-10-12 01:40]

Chinese writer Mo Yan has won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, the Swedish Academy announced in Stockholm on Thursday.Mo Yan 'very surprised' upon winning Nobel Newest novel a rural drama From books to blockbusters

Lenovo surpasses HP to lead PC market

[2012-10-11 17:10]

China's Lenovo has surpassed US-based HP, as the world's largest PC maker in market share, an internationally recognized research firm report shows.

Investigators: Armstrong was doping ringleader

[2012-10-11 13:20]

Lance Armstrong possibly had cheated his way to the top of the cycling world through an elaborate doping scheme never seen before in the sport.

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