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Figurines of Grandpa Rabbit

[2011-09-10 08:20]

Colorful clay figurines of Grandpa Rabbit, tu yeye, are traditional gifts during Mid-Autumn Festival, like this selection at a shop in Furong Street in Jinan, capital city of Shandong province.

Underwater Mid-Autumn Festival

[2011-09-09 19:14]

Performers dressed as mermaids use lanterns during an underwater performance to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival at Dong Hu Sea World in Wuhan city, Central China's Hubei province, Sept 9, 2011.

Unmanned helicopter used in police drill

[2011-09-09 13:59]

An unmanned helicopter is used in a police anti-hijacking drill, part of an anti-terrorism drill held by the public security bureau of Guilin, the capital of Southwest China’s Guizhou province, Sept 9, 2011.

A Mid-Autumn reunion in prison

[2011-09-09 09:45]

A prison in Zhengzhou organized family reunion meetings for the inmates before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Volunteers help Tibetan antelope hit the road

[2011-09-09 07:15]

'Fairies of plateau' get guidance for perilous journey, Cui Jia and Dachong report from Qinghai.

Fire breaks out in Shanghai chemical plant

[2011-09-09 07:07]

No casualties have been reported in a fire that broke out in a chemical industry zone in the outskirt of Shanghai late Thursday evening, sources with the Shanghai fire brigade said.

Slide: New York Fashion Week

[2011-09-09 07:01]

New York Fashion Week

Hockey world shocked by air crash tragedy

[2011-09-08 10:07]

The world of ice hockey was in shock and grief after suffering its "darkest day" when a plane carrying the Russian team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crashed on Wednesday, killing 43 people and leaving just two survivors.

Drought leaves school with water shortage

[2011-09-08 10:00]

The lingering drought has left the school’s more than 800 students and teachers facing a water shortage, forcing the local authorities to assign a water wagon to transport water from a spring 15 kilometers away.

Danger all in a day's work for engineer

[2011-09-08 07:43]

Zhou Xun has had to be careful of unexploded bombs in dozens of Afghan villages.

A hard lesson for migrant workers

[2011-09-08 07:35]

Migrant workers face many obstacles when they move to big cities like Shanghai. Educating their children is one of them and it just gets harder.

Memorial museum opens on 10th anniversary of 9/11

[2011-09-07 11:28]

As the 10th anniversary of the devastating 9/11 attacks falls on Sunday, the families of the victims will take part in the commemoration and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York will be officially opened to public.

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