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No coffee mourning over expensive drinks in Starbucks

[2012-02-09 08:09]

Prices on par with US fail to deter Chinese customers who want a taste of 'the good life'.

Central bank: No cats on 100-yuan note

[2012-02-09 07:49]

The Chinese Internet is abuzz over what many believe to be an inconspicuous illustration of three cartoon cats on the 100-yuan ($16) note.

Canada trade links tightened

[2012-02-09 07:09]

Wen and Harper witness signing of agreements across a range of sectors. Chinese companies urged to increase investment in Canada

Yellow Mountain covered in frost

[2012-02-08 13:44]

An abrupt temperature drop Monday evening coated Huangshan Mountain in new frost.

Abducted Chinese workers released in Sudan

[2012-02-08 10:57]

Altogether 29 Chinese workers were freed on Tuesday, after being abducted by rebels on Jan 28 in Sudan's South Kordofan state, where clashes between the Sudan People's Liberation Army-North and the Sudanese army have been going on for months.

Chemical spill sparks rush for bottled water

[2012-02-08 10:38]

Residents empty shelves of bottled water in a supermarket in Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province on Tuesday, fearing a reported chemical spill on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Simpler visa procedures for Chinese tourists

[2012-02-08 08:09]

Travel agencies and destination countries try to cash in on a predicted spending and tourism surge.

Maldives president resigns

[2012-02-08 08:00]

President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives resigned and Vice-President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik was sworn as the new head of state.

Brotherhood says it won't 'Islamize' Egypt

[2012-02-08 08:00]

Egypt will not be "Islamized" by leaders of the Islamic political party.

Cold spell bites E China

[2012-02-07 16:59]

A cold spell has biten East China and the mercury dropped to minus 5 degree Celsius on Tuesday.

Thaipusam festival celebrated in Singapore

[2012-02-07 15:14]

Thaipusam, a Hindu festival observed on the day of the full moon, is celebrated in honour of Lord Murugan.

Quake drill at elementary School in Manila

[2012-02-07 13:50]

The drill aims to help students and school staff learn how to react properly during high-intensity earthquakes.

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