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The world in photos: Nov 24-30

[2014-12-01 10:50]

The world in photos: Nov 24-30

It's hard to say goodbye

[2014-12-01 10:35]

Xiong Xing, a Chinese soldier stationed on border with Russia in Heihe, northeast Heilongjiang province bid a sentimental farewell to his fellow soldiers and Xiaolong, an army dog that has been his companion for couple of years on November 30, 2014.

Christmas Tree Throwing Championships held in UK

[2014-12-01 09:28]

Participants taking part in the charity event must throw a 6 ft (1.8 m) tree, weighing about 10 kg (22 pounds), as far as possible and get the tree as high over a bar as they can.

8 luxury cars and the image of their owners

[2014-12-01 08:27]

Chinese luxury car owners are, on average, 33.5 years old, that choose selective car brands as status symbols to support their image, according to a report.

Brand recognition

[2014-12-01 05:06]

The three-day China Brand Show, which was organized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and opened in Sao Paulo's Anhembi Convention and Exhibition Center on Nov 18, attracted 111 companies from more than 10 provinces and cities in China.

Rio 2016 games welcome Chinese companies

[2014-12-01 04:37]

Two of the world's largest scale and most multifaceted events — the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games — are coming to Rio de Janeiro in less than two years.

Across Canada Nov 30

[2014-11-30 23:39]


A Chinese traditional wedding

[2014-11-30 13:14]

A bride and her groom undergo a Chinese wedding in Daonan Village of Songkou township in Yongtai county, southeast China's Fujian province.

Students trained to become Miss Etiquettes

[2014-11-30 10:07]

Students from Nanhang Jincheng College take part in etiquette personnel training courses in Nanjing, capital of eastern China's Jiangsu province.

Man begs for punches in exchange for donation for ailing son

[2014-11-29 19:20]

Xia Jun stands in front of a subway entrance at Guomao Station in Beijing, begging for punches in return for donations for his two-year-old son, who he says has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Trending: Soldiers dance the Little Apple song

[2014-11-29 11:57]

A women's prison in Jilin teaches prisoners life skills, a family turns the tables at a birthday bash, and new soldiers perform the Little Apple dance in below freezing temperatures.

Letting kids bridge cultures

[2014-11-29 06:29]

Kids in Boston can now learn about how their counterparts in their Chinese sister city live, through a new exhibit called Children of Hangzhou: Connecting With China at the Boston Children's Museum.

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