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Uruguay becomes 1st nation to legalize marijuana

[2013-12-11 10:56]

Uruguay passed a law on Tuesday allowing its citizens to grow, buy and smoke marijuana, becoming the first country to legalize the full cycle from cultivation and distribution to consumption of the drug.

Snowstorm blasts US

[2013-12-11 09:38]

A man is hit during a family snowball fight in Rock Creek Park during a snow storm in Washington Dec 10, 2013.

2013 Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm

[2013-12-11 07:51]

2013 Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm

Reuters images of the year - politics

[2013-12-11 06:36]

Reuters images of the year - politicians

Chinese say their goodbyes

[2013-12-11 01:20]

As world leaders braved rains to honor Nelson Mandela, Bheki Langa found out that the former S. African president was so loved by young Chinese.
Obama shakes hands with Castro

Conjoined babies waiting for surgery

[2013-12-11 00:33]

The 3-month-old twins are unlucky in that they are orphaned and abandoned. They are lucky, however, because their impending surgery offers them a chance to be separated and live independent lives.

Obama shakes hands with Cuban president Castro

[2013-12-10 21:25]

US President Barack Obama shook hands with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro while attending the memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela on Tuesday.

S Africa holds memorial service for Mandela

[2013-12-10 19:38]

Memorial service for former South African president Nelson Mandela started in Johannesburg on Tuesday as tens of thousands of mourners and more than 90 world leaders gather in rain to remember Mandela.

World Cup mascot makes China debut

[2013-12-10 11:01]

World Cup mascot Fuleco strikes a pose on stage in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, Dec 9.

Art students take protest to the mall

[2013-12-10 10:10]

Students from the School of Communication and Art of the University of Sao Paulo perform a skit titled "Blind Ones" as a protest against consumerism inside a shopping mall of Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte state, December 9, 2013.

German DHL testing delivery drones

[2013-12-10 09:41]

A prototype "parcelcopter" of German postal and logistics group Deutsche Post DHL flies in front of the company's headquarters in Bonn Dec 9, 2013.

Catering to Chinese viewers a hurdle for Hollywood

[2013-12-10 08:39]

Hollywood has become hyper-aware of the potential for profits in China, which became the world's second-largest box office in 2012.

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