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Traditional skill on the verge of vanishing

[2015-03-17 06:55]

Wang Weimei, 72, has kept the tradition of giving perm look to hair with tongs going for decades.

China's top 10 mobile apps by monthly active users

[2015-03-17 07:41]

Tencent owns half of the country's top 10 mobile applications by monthly active users, according to a report released by Analysys International.

Cyclone Pam claims 24 lives in Vanuatu

[2015-03-17 09:40]

Tropical Cyclone Pam, which tore through Vanuatu over the weekend, has so far claimed 24 lives and 3,300 people have been displaced, according to a report published Monday by the United Nations.

The world in photos: March 9-15

[2015-03-16 14:10]

Here's a look at some of the most striking images from major stories around the world in the past week.

Freestyle skiing, game for adrenalin junkies

[2015-03-17 10:19]

This group of freestyle skiers appear to have no problem keeping their cool after they were snapped performing an array of death defying stunts and tricks.

The CeBIT trade fair opens in Germany

[2015-03-16 10:01]

The giant CeBIT computer trade fair takes place from 16 to 20 March 2015 with China as this year's partner country, underlining the Asian powerhouse economy's growing role in the IT business.

Now and then: Lottery dream fading

[2015-03-16 06:37]

Buyers of lottery tickets are estimated to exceed 200 million, among whom 80 percent hoped to make a fortune overnight, according to an online survey in 2012. A big win appeals to many, but only a few are lucky enough to achieve it. Under-the-table deals in the industry have been exposed and the people's loss of trust for lotteries makes the dream fade.

Braving the snow for greener pastures

[2015-03-16 08:21]

Kazak herdsmen drive their livestock through Guozigou in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to greener pastures ahead of spring.

Special: Preserve the past to live the future

[2015-03-16 14:50]

In our discussion with insiders, experts and enterpreneurs, it gradually became clear that China must step up its effort in protecting traditional villages, because in preserving the past, we are also paving a way to live the future.

Bruce Lee's legacy promotes Kungfu in LatAm

[2015-03-16 03:41]

A group of Kungfu aficionados in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose spend every Friday night throwing punches and roundhouse kicks. They are practicing what they say is their favorite way to relax after a hard week.

Germany's Black Forest: a popular holiday destination

[2015-03-14 08:12]

The view from the train window was breathtaking. I was enchanted - and I had not even arrived at my destination, the Black Forest region in Germany.

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