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Top 10 self-made billionaires in the world under 40

[2017-08-07 06:50]

There are about 47 self-made billionaires under the age of 40 in the world, according to the latest Hurun Global Rich List released on July 4.

Goodbye summer, hello autumn

[2017-08-07 07:53]

How a desert branched out to become Beijing's guardian

[2017-08-04 08:56]

Thousands of trees form a natural barrier between the capital and sandstorms that blow in from the north

Top 10 smartest cities in China

[2017-08-04 06:45]

Beijing has been listed as the "smartest" city in China in a report on cashless society jointly published by Chinese tech giant Tencent, the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, and French market research firm Ipsos.

Meet 'dad of pandas' in Chongqing

[2017-08-04 07:33]

"dad of pandas" in SW China's Chongqing Zoo

Ten photos across China: July 28 - Aug 3

[2017-08-04 07:00]

Ten photos across China (July 28 - Aug 3)

Karakoram Highway: Road of China-Pakistan friendship

[2017-08-03 08:16]

Karakoram Highway: Road of China-Pakistan friendship

Glass bridge across the Yellow River

[2017-08-03 07:01]

Tourists walk on a glass bridge across the Yellow River in Zhongwei, Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Aug 2, 2017. The 210-meter-long glass bridge was modified from an old suspension bridge by replacing the wooden deck with glass.

Top 10 world's most profitable companies in 2017

[2017-08-03 06:50]

Apple remains the world's most profitable company this year, even as its annual profits declined 14.4 percent in the most recent financial year.

Panda mama in France expecting twins any day

[2017-08-03 07:11]

Chinese panda Huan Huan, who is on loan to France, is expecting twin cubs, according to the zoo, which carried out a medical examination and revealed the results exclusively to China Daily on Tuesday.

Changes in PLA's uniform after founding of PRC

[2017-08-02 09:16]

August 1 marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Here are seven main types of uniforms the army has used from 1949 up to now. The digits in the name denote the year the uniform was introduced.

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