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New ways to sell a house?

[2013-05-25 08:52]

A model has her back painted with layout drawings of a house as a method to attract customers during the 55th Housing Fair held in Nantong City, East China's Jiangsu province, May 24, 2013.

Nation may start taxing more luxury goods, official says

[2013-05-25 02:11]

China may start levying taxes on an increasing number of luxury goods as part of the country's efforts to push forward economic reform.

Chinese TV series find a new voice in Africa

[2013-05-25 00:53]

When Mao Doudou and Her Sweet Days, a 36-episode light comedy about a modern Chinese couple, was dubbed in Swahili and broadcast in East African countries, Omar Ahmed became a big fan.

'Landmark' Sino-Swiss pact signed

[2013-05-25 00:40]

The signing of the memorandum means Switzerland will soon become the first country in continental Europe to reach such an agreement with China.
What China-Switzerland FTA brings about?
Li's tour to enhance bilateral ties, China-EU ties
FTA negotiations inject vigor into Sino-Swiss co-op
Full text of Li's article on German newspaper

3D printing technique shines in High-tech Expo

[2013-05-24 08:53]

The 16th China Bejing International High-tech Expo is being held from May 22 to May 26, 2013 in Beijing.

Cruises sail to Xisha Islands

[2013-05-24 03:58]

Cruises to the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea began to sell at major travel agencies following a successful maiden voyage last month.

Pyongyang 'to heed Beijing'

[2013-05-24 02:07]

Pyongyang is willing to take Beijing's advice to engage in dialogue on the Korean Peninsula issue, an envoy of the DPRK top leader Kim Jong-un said.

President Xi stresses rehabilitation in quake area

[2013-05-23 21:24]

President Xi Jinping has asked local governments in Southwest China's Sichuan province, which was hit by a strong earthquake last month, to shift their focus to rehabilitation.

Oklahoma tornado wreaks havoc in US

[2013-05-23 10:30]

Rescue workers with sniffer dogs picked through the ruins to ensure no survivors remained buried after a deadly Oklahoma tornado left thousands homeless.

Mountains with heart

[2013-05-23 03:29]

Guizhou offers tourists off the beaten track a sense of hospitality, tranquility — and a splendid cuppa.

China's nature reserves exceed global average

[2013-05-23 02:38]

The size of nature reserves in China reached almost 15 percent of the country's total land area by the end of 2012, exceeding the global average of 12 percent.

Picking up a loaf of bread and a Gucci bag

[2013-05-23 02:25]

Chinese shoppers are so hungry for luxury items that they have started snapping up Gucci wallets and made-to-order shirts while grocery shopping.

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