Oklahoma tornado wreaks havoc in US

Updated: 2013-05-23 10:30


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Oklahoma tornado wreaks havoc in US

Sarah Dick reads a Doctor Seuss book to her three-year-old daughter Jadyn at the driveway of her tornado-destroyed house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma May 22, 2013. Rescue workers with sniffer dogs picked through the ruins on Wednesday to ensure no survivors remained buried after a deadly tornado left thousands homeless and trying to salvage what was left of their belongings. [Photo/Agencies]

Oklahoma tornado wreaks havoc in US

A man collects his family's pictures from his front yard in Moore, Oklahoma, two days after the Oklahoma City suburb was left devastated by a tornado on May 22, 2013. Tornado survivors thanked God, sturdy closets and luck in explaining how they lived through the colossal twister that devastated an Oklahoma town and killed 24 people, an astonishingly low toll given the extent of destruction. [Photo/Agencies]

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